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    I’ve known him for a year now but we are in different cities, our communication was on and off. Recently we’ve been talking more often and there seems to be click between us. He admitted he like me and I told him I like him as well. He already planned to visit me in next few weeks and everything is going well between us from what I understand. However, few days ago he mentioned that his heart wrenches more for me over time, and he feels pain, stating that if he didn’t want me, he wouldn’t feel the pain, that I must use some magic here.
    I don’t get it, does it mean he just want to have sex with me when he says he wants me? Or if his feelings are deeper than that. I am getting confused as apparently I’ve done nothing to break his heart or make him feel pain.
    Any idea to help me here please?
    Ps: we’ve never had sex with each other before.

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    Magic? Hysterical.

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    When a man tells me he “wants” me I usually see that in a physical sense, meaning he wants to have sex with me. Since he’s planning to visit you in the next few weeks, you haven’t had sex before I’m thinking this is his way of buttering you up to get in your pants!! Saying you have some magic hold over him? PLEASE! I mean is he staying with you while he’s in town? If so I’m sure he thinks sex will happen and he’s talking about how he aches for you but I’m thinking that’s an ache between his legs and not in his heart!!

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    He wants you to use his majic wand…

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    Better off single

    The only Magicic is his words to get into your pants.

    I have an ache in my heart too. Must be the tacobell.

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    Sometimes someone saying that is because they’re hugely attached to you or at least a fantasy version of you. I ‘wanted’ my FWB, was totally addicted to him, but he didn’t want me like that so I moved on. It doesn’t sound particularly healthy if you weren’t an item and you’ve just been chatting.

    I’d also be careful that it’s not just pretty words to get himself laid.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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