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    So I’ve been hooking up with my ex recently. Yes, I know not a good idea, but oh well I’m great at making self destructive choices :) Anyways, I went to go meet up with him so we could do “it” and he gave me a Red Bull and candy he bought for me. He said “I bought you this drink just in case you feel tired on your drive back.” What does this mean? Does he care about me still? Or is he just being nice? Just wondering.

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    A better question, why are you hooking up with your ex?

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    Liz Lemon

    He wants to make sure you’re not too tired to drive home, so that you don’t ask him if you can sleep over.

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    @Liz Lemon, I wasn’t even at his house but ok

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    I think it means just what he said….for you not to be tired when driving home. Don’t read between lines if there is nothing to read. It sounds like he tried to be funny. How far did you have to drive?

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    Liz Lemon

    Look, if you want to hook up with your ex purely for the sex, that’s your business. I would be very careful not to read more into his behavior if I were you. I suspect you want more from him than sex, or you would not be thinking/asking/secretly hoping that there is more behind this small gesture than it appears. Him giving you a drink & candy is not meaningful. You’re still just hooking up. I have had coworkers give me drinks and candy. There’s no deep feeling behind an act like that. If you can’t hook up without looking for hints that he might still care about you in a romantic way, you shouldn’t do it. You’ll just wind up hurt.

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    He bought you candy and a sport drink? Cheaper than paying a hooker.

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    You are torturing yourself. Some part of you wants him so you are trying to read that into him. He is using you.

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    It means you’re driving to him to give him easy sex!! How convenient! The better question here is why on Earth aren’t you making him do the work if he just wants FWB?!?!

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    Troll tears

    Because kaye; she is the thirsty one not him. The way it sounds he could take it or leave it.

    He doesnt care for you Melissa, he is making fun of you! He is making fun of the fact you are driving to him for sex! If I were you i d take the last shreds of my dignity and move on!

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    @Kaye, @Trolla Tears, there was nothing “easy” about us meeting up. He had been coming to me and I felt bad and offered to drive to him. Y’all make nothing into a huge deal. I’m not reading into anything. I actually wanted to know so if it did mean something more I would stop because I didn’t want it to go somewhere. Yet you guys are assuming things. Rather than answering the question, you guys are attacking me. No wonder I keep reading the same names over and over again on this site. Do you guys seriously have nothing better to do? Does your love life suck so much that you reall need to get in here and criticize others? It would be one thing if you were genuinely here to give advice and help people but all you do is fully each other. This is the first and last time I will ever use this forum.

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    Liz Lemon

    I personally stand by what I said. But if you want to know whether it means something more to him, why not ask HIM?

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    Troll tears

    Of course people are going to assume stuff, if you don’t provide all the info. Do you think people are mind readers? You want people to give you advice and answer your question then maybe give a complete picture of the situation!Nothing absolutely nothing in your first post would suggest he was at yours and you drove him home, that gives a completely different context to your situation. But i guess you cant see that.

    Also, no naturally I don’t have anything better to do otherwise i wouldn’t be on here, duh!

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    I think you are in the safe zone here if you dont want him to have special feelings for you based on the fact he took a red bull out of the fridge for you to take back in the car

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    So don’t come back Melissa. You seem to be a troll who really don’t have a real question. He gave you candy and a red bull. Then didn’t let the door hit you on your ass out.

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    How do you like it?

    Melissa is right on about the attacks and assumptions. So many of you always put Ops down. You ridicule and insult them. You have no way of knowing what the guys are thinking yet you always create stories where the guys are only out to humiliate the Ops. Does it get you off? Does it make you feel special?

    Ha Omg! You are the troll. Bet you have one hand on your phone and the other down your pants giving your A-hole replies. Sicko!

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    He’s just being nice.

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