What can I do?

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    I don’t want to be the person who runs away from any complicated situation. Many will say I should get out of it and deserve better, but I do believe in fate. If I run away, will I ever meet someone new soon? I tend to have a bad luck and it takes years before I meet someone else again. In the past, almost 4-5 years I then meet someone again. lol.

    He was honest with me since day one when he asked to meet at a coffee. Probably, he told me everything that she hasn’t answered about when she would be back so they can catch up on what’s next. I think he just wanted to save the relationship by giving her another chance although both agreed to remain good friends. He has good traits so far, likes to read book, owns a cat, running, be active, and also introverted like I am. He paid for my drinks at the coffee, walked besides me, waited for me at the door so that he could continue talking to me. His mistake was that he thought he was over with it, but not really. We talk in person just fine, can easily talk for hours and I could be comfortable to talk to him contrast to others who i normally take a few more times to be open. He goes to church and a family guy-oriented type of guy ( i saw his facebook pics accidentally by my friend). He said he’s still lost, but feeling better; just want to figure things out. I don’t know how to respond to that because I want to ask what relationship we have so far, yet confusing him more will not help him think straight to answer that question. I think he might be the one who fits with me well, just maybe it takes time for us at the beginning.

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    No Honey…
    He’s not over his last GF.
    Do. Not. Wait. For. A. Man. All of the great guys you’ll be missing by waiting for this guy.

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    I think you can meet him occasionally as a friend. but do not get involved when hes still into his exgf. hes just wasting your time. he may be a great guy but if he still longs for some other woman, than where does that leave u? even if he tells you lets give things a shot what happens when the other woman turns up? wld he stick around or run to her? let this one go. the timing is not quite right for you guys.

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    I can’t speak for every guy, obviously. But if I’m dating a girl right after the end of a serious relationship, and I’m still not over her? The new girl could be amazing in various ways and it still won’t get serious. I don’t know why entirely, but it just doesn’t work like that. So you’re taking a big risk. Not impossible but odds aren’t in your favor.

    And just because last time you met another guy after 5 years doesn’t mean that’s your “average.” If you believe in fate, then the next guy will be sooner :)

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