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    What do you do when someone constantly texts you on Friday night at around 7pm, “What are you up to this weekend?”

    I’m a busy lady with plans so this text has not boded well for this gentleman suitor. The frustrating part is that there is no follow up to set up a date during the week or the folllowing weekend. My interests are waning with this behavior

    What is a nice response the next time this occurs that I can shut this behavior down and get him to make plans in a reasonable amount of time?

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    a different Anne, my response is not popular on this site. I would not respond to a lame text, I get phone calls, I talk, conversate. lol. What kind of a lazy person sends a text like that? If a man is interested, would he not phone you and discuss a date.?

    A nice response would be “give me a call and we can talk about it.”

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    Stephen G

    That is just how men talk. Why can’t you ask him out on date? Oh wait that would shatter your “knight in shining armour” schoolgirl phantasy.

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    Go meet him, bang him and if you’re good enough in the sack he will hook up with you again.

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    Stephen, why would anyone ask for a date with a person who is too lazy to call and talk? Your missing the point with the woman bashing.

    Somebody texts me, “Hey” guess what? I’m not flattered, I’m not excited, I’m like, shut up

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    Amy S

    Anne if he does that regularly he has low interest. As you said hes lazy and isnt even calling you. Its beyond boring. You cant train a person not to have low interest. Find someone interested enough to call u up mid week and set up a plan for you both at the weekend. Dont waste any more time on this loser. x

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    What is your relationship with this guy? Have you gone out on dates before? How long has he been texting this and do always say you are busy? Does he ever make concrete plans?

    I would suggest replying something like: “I already have plans this weekend. I am free Monday evening or next weekend [or whatever days are open for you].” This is a good option if he’s not good at making plans in advance. He may begin to think you are perpetually busy, rather than realizing that you just need an advance notice.

    You could also try something like this: “I am busy this weekend. Next time, could we schedule plans a few days in advance?” Or “I keep a busy schedule. Could we make plans further in advance? I would like to see you again.”

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    Don’t respond. No matter what you say it will not make him change his behavior.

    He has shown to you he has no interest in asking you out, so why bother?

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    There is no response that will motivate him. I don’t even know why you are curious. I’ve had guys like this show up in my life. A few weeks of this behavior, and I cringe every time I see his name on my phone. If a guy is this lazy before the relationship even starts, imagine how disappointing he would be if you actually invested any time or effort into him.

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    I’m with everyone who says just ignore texts like that. It’s zero effort, and usually only someone looking for an easy home date (sex).

    I don’t waste people’s time, I don’t allow mine to be wasted.

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    I disagree.

    I once dated a guy who was like this. Everything was last minute. I kept pretending I already had plans and eventually he presumed I was just too busy to date him and he almost moved on. Thankfully I then chilled out and started being more spontaneous. A year later we are now married.

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    If you are fine with someone who is unwilling to make plans in advance, and not respect your time, go for it.

    That is not okay with me. I would happily let a guy like that go.

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    I’d give him one shot to change his behavior “hey, I am busy this weekend. I’ve usually got plans in place by Wednesday”.

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