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    I am so confused, we spent the time between 1st and 2nd date texting all the time and after the 2nd date we haven’t been texting all that often. Maybe 4-5 msgs a day. We’ve got a third date tomorrow so I can’t tell if he’s actually loosing interest or no? Why would he not respond all day but want to go out again? Any insights?

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    You shouldn’t worry! You have a date! Don’t rely on texting to assess interest levels. If he wasn’t making plans to see you, that would show low interest.

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    You have another planned date tomorrow that’s what is important.

    4-5 messages a day is plenty, don’t get caught up with all that texting.

    Plus I assume you both work so, you shouldn’t be on the phone texting all day any how.

    If the dates decrease then you have something to worry about.

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    I understand, but I ended up setting this date because I thought he had set up the previous 2 and also paid for them as well. So I would show some initiative. But due to his lowered texting habits, I feel unsure about this all together now.

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    This is when you learn to let the guy lead. In the beginning let the guy set up the dates.
    When you start setting up dates too soon it throws off the balance and then you start wondering if he is interested.

    In regards to paying if a guy is interested he’s not concerned about paying. If you’re so worried about it suggest low cost places.

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    I see. Any advice for the date tomorrow?

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    Just go and be present.
    Enjoy your time with him and remember dating is suppose to be fun and exciting.

    Take you time with intimacy and really listen when he talks.

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