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    We both enjoy neck kissing/biting, so stopping that isn’t really up for discussion. We’re not kids, or even teenagers so it just looks tacky and its embarrassing when others are it and are clearly judging you for it. I always unintentionally leave them in my boyfriend’s neck and it worries me that it’ll honestly result in a break up. He doesn’t hate it, as he doesn’t stop me in the moment, but the aftermath is always shameful and I feel terribly guilty every time. I usually give them when I have had a few drinks, but when we hang out we usually drink or smoke together.

    How do I go about kissing/biting his neck without leaving a visible, ugly Mark? He bites my neck super hard every time and only leaves faint marks.

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    Stop sucking and start kissing or biting. You are not a vacuum cleaner!

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    I love the fact that this might end a break up and yet stopping is still”not an option”. You need to get your priorities straight lol.

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    Haha, the obvious answer here is NOT AN OPTION?!

    What do you expect us to tell you? How to defy the laws of physics?!!!

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    I would just “relocate” the marks somewhere else, like his chest or shoulder

    instead of neck, kiss and bite his shoulder, its close, your heads are still together, your necks are still together, just the kisses are in a coverable place

    problem solved :)

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    Learn to lick instead of suck.

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    Suck lower…

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    It definitely is the sucking that causes them!

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    haha Raven!

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    Visible hickies are tacky, low class and gross at any age. More so as an adult. It’s the suction that causes the redness/bruising, you are breaking the capillaries under the skin.

    Some people have more sensitive skin than others. It could be you are rougher on him than he is you or he has more senstive skin. Do you really not know how to kiss his neck without marking him up?

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    adam fusco

    you are correct maybe i should try Asian women. i joined a new dating service, called ok cupid, and tried to date Asian women but culturally there are differences and i think most Asian women do not like white boys. so i met this middle aged white women, she was overweight but had big beautiful breasts and she was a very hot
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    i was to drunk to drive home so i slept with her in her bedroom, when she got up in the morning she started biting and sucking me all over, so i had sex with her again. she told me when i got up to urinate and shower she had put bitemarks and hickies all over me,my neck,my shoulders, my titties i was so drunk i did not feel her doing anything to me. we continued to date, every time i was with her the sex was really hot and i always ended up with massive hickies all over me. until i found out she had a boyfriend of about five years. i loved everything she did to me,she gave me great oral but unfortunately she has a significant other.

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    Now the boneheaded marketers are answering each other… 😐

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    Better off Single

    Y’all need Jesus

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    Why are you yelling?

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