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    So I went out to dinner with my bf and his son. After I ordered, I went to pay for myself and he says “No, I got it”. Upon ordering for himself, the cashier informed him that the dish he wanted was not available. He then refused to order anything else and just watched us eat… complaining about the restaurant and how much he just paid for us without being able to eat himself. Pretty much an adult tantrum. Lol. But it honestly made me feel terrible and struck me as odd. I just wanted to see what y’all would have to say about it.

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    Yup, weird…

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    How expensive could it be when you self serve and have to pre pay before you get your food? Are you saying McDonald’s ran out of Big Macs?

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    It says loud and clear that hes a “cheapskate” with money. It also follows that he will whine and complain when he doesn’t get his way with you in other areas of his life.

    A big baby!

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    Yeah I’d dump him and move on. He wants to pay but then complains about the cost? Next he’ll start saying you owe him.

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    To me it says Ikea 😀 and him being a grumpy old man

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    He was probably starving and not himself lmao It’s not a reason to behave like that, he should have gotten something for himself…

    Does he always behave like that? If not, let this pass. Honestly, he was probably grumpy because he was angry (I guess we can all somehow relate, at least a little, just think about the Snickers ads haha). Next time you go eat together, tell him that this time, it would be nice if he also orders something to eat too.

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    I meant hungry and not angry* haha

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    Liz Lemon

    Yes, it’s weird. It’s a ridiculous response to a minor, not uncommon inconvenience.

    Without more info I can’t say much more than that. I don’t know if he does this regularly, or complains about paying in other situations, etc. So I can’t comment beyond what I wrote above.

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    He acts like a man child pretty much any time he doesn’t get his way. I really just wanted to see if anyone else saw it the same in this instance. Thank you for your replies!

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    You have the patience of a saint! I wouldn’t be able to continue with this behaviour:D

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    It kind of sounds like he and his son are the same age mentally!

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    If you have to post on a dating forum you already know he’s a loser.

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    I got a laugh out of reading this. Thank you. Adults who throw tantrums (as long as it’s occasional) over small or silly things are hilarious. Reminds me of a few personal experiences, as well as the classic “reporter goes ghetto” video

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