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    So I’ve been talking to this guy, he asked me to go out next week, I agreed. I noticed that when we are texting he’ll leave me on read. This has happened a number of times where he’ll be the one to initiate contact with me first, I respond, and then I am left on read.l and won’t hear from him for another 2-5 days. It also isn’t just a “hey how are u” type of text that I’ll respond with. For example the last text I sent him was a question and he has yet to respond since Weds or even reach out to me.

    I guess my question is should I still meet up with him ? I understand people get busy, maybe don’t like to text, or whatever the case may be but I feel it doesn’t take much to check in from time to time, let alone respond to a text u clearly seen. Should I address this or cut it loose?

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    He’s already annoying you. Cut him loose.

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    Better off single

    Yeah probably a waste of time, but if you have nothing better to do, then continue.


    Some messages might have been lost in the matrix and he never saw those questions.

    Things are better left said in person IMO.

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    He is not that into you sorry

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    Texting is more important than meeting in person?

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    If you absolutely HAVE to text him and you have a specific thing to say, and it MUST be said, then text him, but keep it short and light

    Guys don’t like to have conversations (especially via text) that go nowhere.
    They’re not women

    He’s bored with your texting and you’re already coming across as needy.

    Just get on with your OWN life. Guys find independence and a girl with her own life, a lot more fascinating than a girl holding her breath, waiting for him to contact her.

    Stop with the texting and just go out with him next week.

    Take it from a mom with four son

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    He has a GF or is married. He’d fitting you in when he can.

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    Thanks everyone. Day 4 & still nothing, but I’ve made my decision.

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    Good for you. I get it that guys don’t like texting (actually some of them do and won’t stop texting even if you ask them, but lets assume most guys don’t), but how do they like to be ignored? This is not about texting, this is about politeness.

    These days people are so uncivilized that I bet many don’t even get it when they are being rude or impolite. Maybe this is the case. But at the same time, those who “don’t get it” usually get it when it comes to themselves. LOL They do’t think it is a big deal to others, but when it is about them, then they are quite touchy feely. I find this is the case with both men and women. Which makes me to conclude, if a person is impolite especially at the start, they are not worth your time. LOL

    And also the fact that yes, if he were into you, he’d be responding promptly, no doubt there. Either way, for us women, we can safely conclude that if the guy is not responding within polite time frame (24 hrs lets say), then it is better to write him off. Especially if you asked him a question that would require a response.

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    Emma you are so right. You know the funny thing is the last time he had left me on read, before this time, he had asked why hadn’t I texted him. It’s kind of like he texts me, ignores purposely, to see if maybe I will react or confront his behavior which IMO so immature , (he’s 32 btw). My reaction is simply no reaction. Block & Delete.

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    People teach you who they are by their actions so lucky you! You’ve learned a lot in little time. :)

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    Yeah MOST guys are texting fiends and face to face conversation is superior but I find it funny how we live in a time now where rudeness is seen as acceptable. If someone you’ve asked out sends you a message and especially if they ask you a question it’s impolite to read it and then go days before you respond. Quite frankly I see it as an manipulation tactic.

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    *aren’t texting fiends

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    Hey guys, so after 10 days he called me. I didn’t pick up. Am I wrong? Do you think I jumped the gun to soon?

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    Did he leave a message?

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    He did not leave a message. It was actually a FaceTime call.

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    So he blew off having a date with you and you are asking if you should talk to him?

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    Waste of time this..

    I’ve dated a lot but only had 2 serious relationships 2 years and 4 years. Came across a lot of personalities..one of them was a guy who didn’t like phones, he had one just because he had to have one. Lol. But I didn’t know this until much later when I realize he wasn’t a texter at all, mostly because he replied most of my text with a call. But according to him he really wanted to get to know me that he was prompt to reply always when I texted him. I dont know, but the point is, when someone is really into you and looking forward to meet up with you, all forms of hearing from you will be used. At all times. He will be checking his phone for that text. Trust me.

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