Was it One-sided Lust?

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    This summer I worked at my college basically cleaning up after events and camps. There was one international summer camp that we worked with often. One night, (about 2–3 weeks in) I caught the camp director checking me out. At first, I thought nothing of it until those glances turned into full on stares! (I admit I did give in and stare back! He IS attractive) I honestly felt insane! Sometimes it would be SO intense! It all seemed so primal, like he was some lion about to catch its dinner!

    Even though this would keep happening, he would only say “hi”. So I would only say “hi”. (ugh! sometimes he would have this big toothy smile that was so cute! it made everything feel like slow motion) I always wanted to ask him how he felt but I never got the chance. I should mention that im 19 and he’s like 36 so maybe that had something to do with it. (or I wasn’t his usual type? im an African American woman on the heavier side or life! 5′8 180lbs and he’s European and tall 6′2) What do y’all think? Was it wishful thinking? Should I try again next summer?

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    It was a fun flirtation. That’s it. Embrace the experience as a great memory and not as a plan for you future. Eventually a flirty glance will lead to something special, but not with this guy. Go be a fun flirty 19 year old. There are so many fantastic experiences awaiting you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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