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    I have been with my BF for quite awhile, our sex life is great. We both follow an Instagram account that helps couples explore and increase pleasure. We are going to start scheduling sex dates. I am planning on taking him out for a nice night and some sexy fun when we return home.
    My issue is he is a-lot more experienced than I. I am going to get some sexy lingerie for after… but I really want to bring some toys or props into the bed room. What I am hoping to get from all you wonderful people is some ideas on how to be seductive, and some things I could get for the fun times.
    Part of the sex date is to create a bit of for-play during the week so by the time the night comes we are both excited :)

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    I don’t have any toy-specific suggestions, but make sure communication is good and you’re talking to him about general ideas you both have in mind (some time prior, not a discussion in the moment to interrupt unless you’re both spontaneously moved to try something). He may not be interested in or open to certain activities, and it will be much simpler (and cheaper) to know that outright. Unless he’s really up for anything and very into surprises, it can be fun and plant sexy ideas to fantasize about to discuss mutual interests and would try / might try / might try eventually / won’t try (even if it’s because he’s already tried it in the past and didn’t like it), and then plan on what you want to buy from there. Most of my experience has been with men more excited to totally let go if they know I’m really into whatever is going on, much moreso than it being about whatever I’m wearing. If I was especially excited about an idea and the guy knew that going in and didn’t have to question or wonder and could just be in the moment with me, that’s been the most seductive thing for them. It’s also gone much better than people trying to spring things on me we’d never talked about that I wasn’t actually interested in doing.

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    For bedroom, I recommend stilletos, every time.

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