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    My girlfriend and I were together for 3 years. We have an age gap relationship. She’s 22 im 33.

    Out of all three years this one has had to be the most stressful. For the last 6 months I’ve been unable to make ends meet. If it’s not one thing it’s another.

    My situation started Valentine’s Day. My girlfriend purchased me a new pair of Nike Air Maxes and a nice T-shirt I had been whining about and I didn’t have anything to give her but a card and some candy. I felt so embarrassed at the fact she spent $200 on me.

    She was happy with her gift but deep down inside I felt like she had showed me up.
    I never told her how I felt about how much she spent on me and I wanted to try and get her another gift but I just didn’t have the funds. Then comes the beginning of March. I had got pneumonia in March and ended up missing numerous work days and had to be hospitalized as well. My ex took off paid leave came and stayed with me the whole week.

    She made sure I had eaten, she cooked for me, made sure I had medicine in my system. Because of me being terribly sick in March I was unable to pay my mortgage. My girlfriend volunteered to pay the remainder in the terms that I pay her back little by little so that it wouldn’t hinder me on paying my other important bills

    April comes and I finally get my hospital bill. While also being behind on other bills. This has Just put stress on me literally. I started getting upset about everything

    One day in April my girlfriend was over and I started complaining about how I’d had the same pair of pants for 5 years and how every T-shirt that I had started to get stains and holes in it from wearing it too much. She said she would get me some better ones when she got paid and I told her don’t worry about it. two days after that my girlfriend came over with a bag full of clothes basically replacing things that I had complained about in my closet. She spent $30 from goodwill which isn’t much but she did add more clothes to my closet. May comes and I can’t pay my mortgage again. And I had to borrow money from my grandfather to pay my rentals insurance I invited my ex to a family gathering at the end of May.

    TL:DR: I wanted her to finally meet my fathers side. And It was the worst mistake of my life. My ex humiliated me and made me feel like i wasn’t a great boyfriend. My ex told my family at a gathering about our relationship struggles and ended up telling them how she took off work when I was sick and how she’s been helping me through my hard time and I broke up with her for not only airing our business but throwing me under the bus to people I have to see on a day to day basis.

    I ended it with her because I would never talk about her to a family member and it just showed me how little respect she had for our relationship she betrayed our bond. She did tell my family that she loved me

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    The freeloader returns…

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    Yes, you are back. A reminder – instead of asking her to never do it again (reasonable request to ask for privacy and to keep your business yours)). You dumped her. Any man who leaves without explaining what is wrong and trying to fix it, is a child. You are learning a valuable lesson about letting your ego get in the way. Forgive yourself. Get yourself settled financially and then never do it again and meet someone else. Now you are just embarrassing yourself.

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    Why type out the same exact story all over again.

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    Yes, you had a wonderfull girl. You treated her like crap and cheated on her. She was angry and told your family everything you did (i mean how dare she not support you in hiding what a douchebag you are from your family), then you broke up with her because she broke your trust (not you hers with the cheating and all)

    I can only assume new girl saw right threw you and parked her in the trash where you belong

    Now you want to go running back to old girl, whom you treated like absolute garbage, and you’re surprised she doesn’t want anything to do with you?

    You must be a special kind of stupid

    Tell you what, leave the poor women alone, strap on a pair and start taking care of yourself

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    I didn’t cheat on her.

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    Good for her that’s she’s ignoring you!! I hope she realizes how much better she can do and never speaks to you again! You SHOULD feel embarrassed which is why when she told your family how much she was working to support you it pissed you off and you broke up with her. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! Send her a check in the mail for all the money you took for her and then LEAVE HER ALONE!!

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    Why would she respond to someone who dumped her, are you retarded? Or just stephen?

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    It only kissed me off because she made me look bad and it was embarrassing

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    Well you should be.

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    The only one making you look bad, is You…

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    Lookee here. Hs calls the guy stupid but gets mad when I say that on her thread.

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    grow up

    So….. he acts like a complete cad, blames HER for all of HIS actions, and what was the point of his post again? The title certainly doesn’t match up with the tone of the post.

    She doesn’t respond because you are an idiot. And she probably feels like an idiot and taken advantage of, and hopefully has moved on.

    There’s this wonderful poem by rupi kaur. You don’t deserve it really, but it’s good advice anyway:

    let it go
    let it leave
    let it happen
    nothing in this world was promised or belonged to you anyway
    all you own is yourself

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    I blamed her for telling my personal life

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    Omg, there is a massive difference between hurting someone who loves and cares for you on purpose, and getting hurt for being kind and caring.

    They should be handled differently.

    Not that you have the eq to understand that, as you fall into the first group

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    You just need someone to change your diaper…

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    Yes, it was not good she shared your personal business, but that is a conversation about next time, not a dumpable offense. You have no conflict resolution skills. You keep saying this like she owes it to you to get back together because she shared your business. She does not.

    What do you want from us? We cannot wave a wand and make your overreaction go away.

    Her thinking: my boyfriend is struggling, I will help him financially and emotionally, I am with his family – either they already know his struggles or they are safe to discuss with because they are his family. Then bam – my boyfriend is mad at me, oh no, I feel badly, but then he dumped me. What just happened? He dumped me because I spoke to people who already know his situation? They were not strangers. What a severe overreaction to me talking to his family!!! I get why he is mad, but to break up? Sad, but any man who is not more appreciative of my help and cannot work through a problem without breaking up with me after all I have done, I can do better. I do not need a man with so many issues – emotionally or financially.

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    What is it that you want? That she apologize and take you back? I bet 1000 percent she already apologized when it happened.

    Did she apologize when you were mad the first time? Yep! I knew it. You could not hear it. That is on you.

    No one makes you feel anything. You were embarrassed about yourself and then blamed her for that. If you had self esteem, you would say… ouch, not great that she shared, but she has been so helpful. And she felt bad when I told her it bothered me. Time to let this go. Or, this is my family, while I am embarrassed, they already knew I was having a hard time.

    Not… she shared my business. Despite her actions of support, I have decided that she disrespected me. Goodbye.

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    Yeah she did apologize but i was too mad and upset then

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    A 22 year old girl is more responsible and mature than a 33 year old man. That’s what’s embarrassing!!

    She’s gone. Hopefully banging a 22 year old boy.

    Smart girl.

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    Better off single

    I don’t get why you all are belittling the guy. You do not understand his struggles or walked a mile in his shoes so get off your high horse.

    You win some and you lose some. That’s life. Stop dwelling on the past and get better not bitter. Which I know is hard when everyone in your life just want to talk down to you or negatively about you. As long as you are doing what you can to fix your own situation and your mindset, haters gonna hate. They won’t look past your mistakes, so move on. They don’t want to see you succeed because they’d rather laugh at you when you fk up. Depend on yourself, just keep going.

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    I can’t fix my situation when my job cut hours

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    Whoa is me

    Get a new job. Work 2 if you have to. Focus on winning not on other people. It’s a long process but worth it in the end. It takes effort and determination. Have an agenda and stick to it. When you find yourself repeating old habits, fight it and keep going. Who cares what anyone else thinks? They aren’t you. You got stuck in a tital wave of s×it and it sucks…so clean yourself up. Everytime you fall down, get back up. Be a man. Fight for yourself instead of getting offended when the “help” runs out, you’re just criticized over admitting how defeated you feel in life and why. Only you can do anything about it. It’s not like someone is out there making you miserable on purpose and stopping you from succeeding because of their own vindictive ego. Feeling sorry for yourself gets you nowhere.

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    I don’t want another job

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    Bless your little heart

    Who said anything about expectations? I just gave a suggestion.

    I guess a person who doesn’t write in full sentences and seemingly won’t do anything to help himself deserves no sympathy, compassion, or support -just judgement, negitivity, and criticism from an anonymous person because their s×it doesn’t stink at all and so it makes them the better one??

    We all have our own kind of troubles to deal with. Some have it worse than others. Some people make it worse for others just existing in their lives. It doesn’t make you right to fluff up your feathers and be an ashhole. Not like what I’m typing out here will make a difference for the better.

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