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    Me and my boyfriend is in long distance relationship now for couple months, before that he was lived in my country for college then now he has to back to his country to finish the rest part of school.

    sometimes I will check on my boyfriend for what he doing on social media.

    I noticed he followed a girl from Instagram couple months ago(basically he following a lot, but it’s alright I don’t really mind about it because mostly he just give “likes “ to some post) yesterday I found out he give comment to that girl like “😘😘😘😘” this emojis, though there’re many people also give comments under that girl’s selfie picture post ( have to admit I love that one too lol)

    I was kinda pissed off but don’t want to accusation him without have’t make sure yet. So didn’t tell him what I found ( I don’t know if I tell him is like I stalked him lol)

    Last night we chatted I asked him, is he trynna protect me or wanna hide me from social media? He said” he would said protect because famous relationship end up with break up,and he doesn’t like to show too much his business on social media “ but mostly his friend all about me.

    During the time we chatted everyday, he always told me he loves me more than anything, remember that. He usually tell love or miss me something affection words towards me.

    What should I do if he flirt with girl online? Or it’s just normal to use?

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    If you’re online stalking him you have trust issues but he also sounds disrespectful and untrustworthy.

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    Long distance requires a lot of trust. If you are not that type of person, you should not date him. Accusing him of flirting with men online is a bad idea. I suggest asking a man friend about what to do for this – but my inclination is that best left unsaid unless he is not really showing up.

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    Long distance relationships require a lot of trust.

    If you find yourself checking up on your boyfriend then he probably isn’t the guy for you.

    This flirting he is doing will probably cause you to become seriously insecure if you aren’t already.

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    Protect? I am laughing.
    This isnt going anywhere unless he is not that famous and you establish boundaries with him

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