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    I met a guy introduced by my friend in Dec. She introduced us because she knows that he was looking for a girlfriend and I just got out of a painful relationship (the guy was a jerk, he wasted 6 years of my life). This new guy is a geek, he just got out of school and started working in the IT field. We went out 4 times, he usually answers my messages very fast but doesn’t text me, only responding to my texts. He is two years younger than me, we both are in our early 30’s. He wants to see me but very bad with texting (only using text to setup dates) and can’t lead a conversation. After four dates, I still haven’t developed any special feelings for him. My question is, how many dates would it takes to fall in love? This is a good man, but why my heart still hasn’t felt anything yet? My ex is a sweet talker, this guy is an honest person, he is caring and no bs, however, I still haven’t developed that special feeling for him. Should I continue dating him if I don’t feel anything for him? My friend tells me that he is in love with me and thinking of proposing very soon. This is just so sad because I will turn him down for sure.

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    You are used to the adrenaline rush of drama…

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    You’ve known him 5 months, been on 4 dates during that time, and he’s thinking of proposing?! You don’t see any problem with that?

    Also, if you just recently got out of a bad 6 year relationship you should be taking a break & not dating anyone seriously. You need time to get over your previous relationship.

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    He sounds absolutely crazy and you need to run from him ASAP

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