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    Eleanor S

    Ever since I moved back in with my parents after college, I just haven’t had a libido and I don’t even feel attracted to hot guys anymore. In my teens I had so many crushes but now…. none. I’m starting to worry this will become permanent. In college I struggled to settle in for the first year and didn’t find anyone attractive or had a libido but in my second year that changed. I’ve never really been satisfied with the sex I’ve had but I am really starting to worry that I’ll never feel it again. I am feeling a bit low and even don’t feel like making new friends, but when I see a hot guy I don’t feel any sexual feelings. I tried watching porn and thought omg I don’t know what appeals about sex anymore.
    Is this normal??? Am I just picky??
    And I used to fantasize about relationships and sex but now I can’t. When I was dating someone, thinking about sex turned me on but now thinking about sex doesn’t at all. Though I don’t get out to meet anyone, maybe that’s the problem. Still, no one makes me feel attracted on tinder.

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    Having a bout of feeling non sexual is normal. I went through those phases, usually after a break up but I didn’t allow it to deter me as I was having a blast doing non romantic stuff with friends or by myself so I didn’t have any feeling of inadequacy or I was losing out on something because I was deriving enjoyment in other areas of my life.

    Sounds like your stuck in a rut to be honest so everything feels bland. I would try to get of it by filling up your calendar with fun things and associating with others. By doing this you may come across that guy who would love to spike your libido again.

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    It sounds to me like you’re experiencing some sort of mild but continuous depression.
    It sounds like you should consider going to therapy and go through an in-depth soul searching process.
    It sounds like you don’t find joy in things that used to make you happy in the past, which is a typical sign of depression.
    Therapy has helped me through so many hard times, I wouldn’t be the happy satisfied person I am without it.

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    Well, maybe you should get a job and move out of the parents home? Sex should be your last issue, right?

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