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    Hi everyone,

    I have this strange issue. Even though I enjoy sex and regular physical contact, sometimes I just can’t stand to be kissed or touched in a particular way, and I’ve really been struggling with this. When the guy’s lips are not dry enough, when they’re too pursed, when they touch a certain part of my face or when the guy is standing or sitting or whatever below me etc. etc., I get a kind of disgusted and literally furious.
    I’ve experienced this in a long-term relationship when the passion faded away as well as with a new guy who I was in love with and who attracted me so much even physically and the sex was good.
    Is it because I didn’t really love the guys (never really felt the way I’d expect to feel)?
    Is it because most guys are shorter than me which I don’t like?
    Or is it just the way I am – sensitive and not that much into physical contact?

    Is it even possible to be in love with/love someone and being physically attracted to them (being turned on by them), while not feeling completely comfortable in contact with their body?

    Anyone ever felt this way?

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    You are either into kissing which is a form of foreplay or your’e not. I’ve been dating a new guy for a month and I have never been kissed and caressed so much…I Love It. If a guy is not kissing you the way you want, SHOW HIM!!!!! Kiss him softly, tenderly, playfully with soft sweet words. Do what you feel comfortable with…I like more touching and less kissing…he’s smart enough to follow my lead. All I can say is explore each other and have Fun !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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