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    Hi all. Thoughts on why an ex would unblock you out of the blue after blocking you nine months back. It was a horrid ending to us. And he said never to contact again which I haven’t. He blocked me on WhatsApp and text I’m assuming too. However I note I can now see his whatsapp profile picture for the first time in these nine months.
    I feel a bit smug that he must have thought of me and purposely unblocked after it ending so horridly.
    I don’t intend to do anything about this discovery however I am left wondering why a person would go to the act of unblocking all this time on and wondered if anyone had any experiences or thoughts about it.

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    How often did you check to see if you were unblocked?

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    How “horribly” did it end?

    People change their mind..it is natural to wonder what someone who used to be close to us is doing now. It might not mean anything more than that.

    If he wants to contact you, he will.

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    Raven- I don’t check. I hit the compose bit and scrolled down all contacts to write a text to someone I don’t have a thread going on and saw his profile pic was there for the first time, as his name begins with C and came before the person I was writing to.

    Emma- we had a huge row basically, although we had been finished for some time and were trying to do the whole ‘friends’ thing.

    I won’t contact him. It’s not a good idea and I know that but I guess because he said not to contact and blocked me, that stings. To see he’s unblocked somehow makes me feel a little better I guess as he maybe thought of me, went onto my profile and unblocked. Just something about it shows he’s not angry anymore- and even curious. I guess it’s an ego thing? After feeling so crap when he blocked if that makes any sense.

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    many times someone who unblocks you is secretely hoping you will see it and contact them. if you don’t, they may contact you shortly

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    so what? my ex unblocked me (he was the one cheating) and messaged me after 2 years of not hearing from him? guess what I did… nothing. he deserves no reply

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    Good for you Ewa. He doesn’t deserve your attention if he cheated.

    My ex didn’t cheat, but we are no less over.

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    We can only speculate as to why he unblocked you.

    By your own account things ended horribly, don’t overthink this.

    If he reaches out I hope you don’t reply back.

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