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    So…. I don’t really know where to begin. My ex and I had dated for about 2 years and he broke up with me. He was recently divorced when we got together and how whole life was messy at the time. It didn’t end well.
    That was 3 years ago. I’ve spent so much time mad at him and it’s taken me a long time to recover. (Ive dated others but no one strikes me like he did, so I’m currently single again)
    Anyways, out of the blue one of his friends texted me about 6 months ago. He told me how my ex always talks about me and regrets the way he treated me. And hi friend told me I should just be patient and maybe things will work out again.
    I kinda just brushed off the conversation not wanting to get involved, and still being hurt.
    Fast forward 6 months and I still haven’t heard a thing from my ex.
    Im just having a hard time because I was starting to get over him, and I didn’t expect anything. But lately I can’t get this information out of the back of my mind. And it makes me so mad because I don’t think it was his friends place to tell me in the first place and to toy with my emotions. But at the same time I’m sad because all anyone really wants is for someone to fight for them, and I guess I got my hopes up without intending to.
    How do I get this out of my head and move on? As much as I miss my ex, I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to reach out to him, we haven’t been talked in 3 years!
    I’m trying to stay strong and not text my ex acting so desperate when he hasn’t even bothered to even apologize with how things ended.

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    Oh, don’t reach out…

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    Unless he contacts you directly, leave the past in the past.

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    Better off single

    People change. Sometimes it’s for the better.

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    If your ex was serious, HE whould be reaching out to You…

    Your mutual ‘friend’ isn’t really a friend, just trying to stir sh!t up.

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    leave it be

    How do you know it was his “friend” and not him texting you? Even if it was, it sounds like a very cowardly way to get back in touch with you.

    The way you get this out of your head is to set up a plan for serious diversion. Fill up your time and attention with other things you enjoy until your emotions settle and you can think more clearly and decide what’s best for you. Right now you are reacting and we never make good decisions from that standpoint.

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    Ahh…I am very sorry for your feelings, I know what it is like to be stuck with pain.

    You’ve been stuck for 3 years, and if you are not careful and not self-protective enough, you risk extending this for who knows how many years. I know of people being stuck for 5, 7 and even 15 years. There are probably cases where people never get over, so if oyu think 3 years us bad enough, justy imagine twice or thrice this time.

    This should give you some incentive to NOT expose yourself to further harm.

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