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    I have been on 4 great dates with a guy. He was mentioning when I’m free next week to set-up our next date. Note: Date was last night.

    I casually dropped “maybe we can meet up on Saturday at some point since we will both be out”. (He has a birthday party for a coworker and I’m going out with friends. He said “he would probably be really drunk but will give it a thought”.

    I’ve been kicking myself that I said this and diving into “coupley” stuff too soon.


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    What is the problem? You suggested he said no this time. So what?

    You are overthinking this I think.

    No biggie.

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    I may be out to lunch here,but I would not worry about it-just leave further plans and contact to him. When he makes contact again,you could say ” you asked about next week-Wed or Friday would work. ( for example).

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    You’re overthinking this one.

    He told you he might be too drunk to meet up with you.

    Which means he is exercising good judgment. He just met you and appears to still care about making a good impression on you.

    Go about your night and if you are going to overthink a comment like that then don’t offer to meet up until later down the line.

    Are you worried that he will magically lose interest because of what you said?

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    Thanks for all your comments! I thought it was just a good ol case of overthinking.

    I’m a little rusty with dating

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    Color me silly but he asks for a day, he declines but doesn’t counter? What he still too drunk?

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    Next time when a guy asks you this type of question, train yourself to answer in this way:

    Sounds great, I’d be looking forward to you asking me out.
    Cool let me know when you come up with a good date idea
    Sure I can’t wait to hear what you’d plan for us.


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