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    I know this guy for few months now, we have common friends and some common interests, so we (mostly I) would (rarely) text him funny stuff in a friendly way. Last week I initiated a friendly text (really only saw him as a friend) and he started flirting, so I got in!

    Few days later he texted again implying to meet to watch a movie, I suggested a day and time and he said yes!
    We met, made out (not all the way) and it was perfect!
    Next day he texts (!!!) something funny from last night I told him I had a great time he suggested to meet again soon, but the weekend since he was kind of busy and I accepted.
    He has been sending every evening, and not just a “sup?” (for example, this video is perfect for you!)

    It is very early and we did not have sex yet (only one “movie” date) but his texting habits are just amazing!
    I have been though bad interactions many times in the past and have posted before here many times “will he text me” or “what does he mean”. But this one is the only normal situation after quite some time! So, I wanted to post a positive thing here too!

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    I don’t know why texting is so important to women. He only had one date with you! Texting doesn’t mean high interests. Taking you on dates and spending time does. So while I’m glad all this textingmKes you happy, he could be doing the same to five other women! Texting is easy and lazy. Wait and see how things progress Bdif he asks you on more dates. I hope the movie ate wasn’t a home date. He should be taking you on real dates.

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    Jess Ica

    I agree, his texting habits are fantastic. Your phones can get married and have little baby phones and text 24/7. Lucky you

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    Come up, seriously? Texting is all the game when dating begins. What do you expect? To be 24/7 together after the first date? Especially with how busy I am, I cannot see a new person more than twice in a week in the beginning (esp since most of them do not deserve it or do not care enough). So, if not texting, then how should I decide if someone deserves my meeting time or not?

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    Was the first date an actual date or a home date. If it was a home date then that’s lazy and low interest.
    I find it sad that you so excited because the man is texting you. It’s the lowest form of communication and some men have mastered it to keep a woman’s interest with very little effort. That would be you.

    You really don’t know him and one date is one date. You can’t fully tell normal until you spend time with a man, like months! So glad you feel entranced with the texting, but the phone also has a function that allows you to speak on it. Phone call require undivided attention. A text does not. There was a time when there was no texting and men wouldn’t call and set up dates to meet up. Now with texting a man can gone months with the excuse he’s busy and women tolerate it because she is so enamoured with silly words he texts.

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    You don’t decide a man’s worth to date through texting!
    Omg. Please tell me you are in your 20’s, I dated a man years ago who used to be what you would consider an amazing tester. Never missed a good morning or good night. Talked all day on text. Flirty, conversations, you name it. He was the worst bf and barely made time to see me. Turned out he was a big player. So please don’t base ‘normal’ on the fact he responds right away and keeps the conversation going ! Lol.. keep your head clear and hold off any judgment until he shows active and consistent interest in being with you. In your case a promise of let’s do this again, isn’t promising. Most men will set the date before the end of the first or at least nail you down for a second date within a few days of the first. So fat all you got is a lot of texting, a lame promise to see you again, and then a message he is busy. So now what? I guarantee y won’t be this happy if he keeps up the texti for another two weeks and still hasn’t asked you out again.

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    I kinda disagree with the other people responding here to an extent. One of the things I love about my bf is that he texts me all the time, sends me funny memes/links to videos he wants me to see/music links/links to articles etc etc. It shows he’s engaged with me, sometimes even on an intellectual level (because we have discussions about the articles we read especially if they relate to politics or religion). Finding someone you mesh with when it comes to texting habits -especially if you’re a voracious texter – is a good feeling.

    Yes, you have to get to know them in person, and yes, it takes a long time. But if this is important for you, I’m happy you found them. God knows there’s women and men with shallower standards than “enjoys text conversations”.

    Good for you, and try not to read too much into his conversations besides “he enjoys talking to me”, especially right now.

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    If you enjoy regular texts from a guy (honestly it’s nice to get little messages every now and then.) congratulations.

    Just make sure you’re also going on actual dates and not seeing the forest for the trees. If all he’s doing is texting you and you’re not actually going out, that’s not a relationship.

    Also be prepared for that activity to slow down as it often does.

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