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    I met this guy a week ago, he delivered something to my house, when he got here saw how sexy he was so of course I talked with him for a bit, and he was asking me to go hang out with him all day, but I couldn’t because I had to be with my son. He said he’d wait til 9 or so and then come pick me up, he didn’t show at 9 but around 11 said he was on his way, I fell asleep waiting and when I woke up in the morning I was kinda concerned so I txtd him and he responded that he fell asleep and was very apologetic, I then asked when he was picking me up again, and I fell asleep, when I woke up 30 minutes later I had bunch of missed calls from him he was down the street waiting for me, he said he felt bad for the night before so he came straight over.
    OK now that was cool and sweet,he came inside for a bit, kissed me and we fooled around a little bit, but didn’t sleep together, then he left and said he’d be back to pick me up at 930,again he didn’t show and said he was running late but he was coming, he never came.. *NOW THIS ISN’T THE PART I’M CONCERNED ABOUT, I KNOW HE’S TIRED AND BUSY AND IT’S ALL GOOD*.. Same thing the next night I didn’t even sweat it, by now it’s Wednesday and we met on Sunday, on Sunday he was bout it to hang out, Monday too but by Wednesday he wasn’t txting as much and sometimes not replying to mine.. No biggie..
    Thing is I broke up with my fiance of 8 years in January 2017 and this guy is the 1dt sexy cool guy who has been into me, who I’ve even met in the time ive been single, so obviously I want him bad.. And never in my life have I wanted to get with a guy and couldn’t, I always get what I want when it comes to dating.
    So tonight I said screw it I’m just 9to call him out about how it se3he just never going to chill, I txt him “yo, so you’re never gona chill huh? But u were bout it the 1st time you came here” his response was a picture of a screenshot he took of his lock screen on his phone of glowsticks on his bed in the dark…
    How is that an answer to my question?? It’s not.. So I responded saying I guess that’s a no on chillin… He read it and hasn’t text me back and it’s been like 2 hours.
    I’m thinking if he just isn’t into me anymore why won’t he say so, why does he call and be swlate at night and apologized for the night’s he did not come through? If he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore he would ignore me completely or block me.. Right?
    Idk and I feel lame even having to ask this, but it’s bothering me cuz he’s cool and sexy and we get along great.. Maybe it’s cuz I been single for over a year raising my son alone so I don’t get out ever.. Idk..
    Did I make myself too available by txting him just say what up once or twice a day and it turned him off? I mean if he didn’t like what we did when we fooled around he would have stopped talking to me then,.. So Idk
    What is the problem? Is it me? Or is it him? Guys please advice please!
    Oh yeah one more thing, when we hooked up he wasn’t all the way hard, like halfway… But I know it’s not my fault, maybe he was nervous or uncomfortable because my dad was in the next room… Idk

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    He is either busy or not that into you.

    My thoughts are that he isn’t too keen on you. You are asking him to and out and he is reading & not replying. Doesn’t sound good. You are chasing him. That needs to stop.

    Try backing off a bit & let him come to you.

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    You made yourself too available by contacting him at all and fooling around with him beyond a kiss and at your house. Let men lead. Especially before he is your boyfriend.

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    The delivery man was hoping to drop a load…

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    why are men you have known just for a week online and never met allowed to even come to your house to meet? or drop you things? that’s not safe! and you made out in the first face to face meeting with a man you met online and at your house! he could be anyone!!! a pervert, a stalker a weirdo a murderer! your playing it not safe lady. and why are you constantly texting him and calling him?? from all the things you have posted u do come across as someone whos reckless, needy and desperate. don’t be. pls chill out. and do not chase that guy.

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    Troll Tears

    @tammy She didn’t meet him online. Maybe actually read the OPs post before commenting. It is literally in the first sentence how she met him.

    To the OP: I think he saw you as a fun booty call and not much more and now you are getting on his nerves. Id move in to someone else.

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    This made me laugh, in 2012 I moved to new house and my friend called this handyman she knew for me.

    He came to my house, the min I saw him I couldn’t believe how hot he was, the sexy man I had ever seen, amazing smile.
    He seem to notice me too and gave me few compliments, but I could tell he was womaniser but I didn’t care.

    At one point he sat next to me to explain something to me , I couldn’t breath, I got so hot and bothered I had to get up and move next to the window to get air.

    He left me and because my friend called him for me and gave him my address, I had nothing off him but his name.
    I didn’t my friend to know so I went weeks going crazy over him but I finally gave in and told my friend she was so supportive and understanding and she gave me his number.
    I called him but he said he was gonna be out the carry but to call his company office so arrange someone else to come to do the job for me.
    I was shattered. Of course I didn’t call the office.

    Three months pass and I bumped into him, he tells me he got marry, I was even more shattered and I almost cried.

    3 years pass and I bumped into him he was divorced, he asked me for my number and of course I gave it to him.

    That night I couldn’t stop looking at my phone and when it was at 10 I gave up, as I was heading to bed my phone peeps, it’s number I don’t recognise, I read the message and it’s says his name.
    I don’t remember ever been so happy and excited in my life.
    We chatted for awhile, he called the next day he asked me out but I couldn’t go because like you I have children.

    One day I couldn’t stop thinking about him, this guy is well know with my friends and he is well trusted and run very honest handyman business and restaurant locally with my friend’s friend’s husband so I trusted him to come over to my mine.
    He came, we talked, watched a movie and yes made out, which got hot and heavy.
    But I stopped. Few days pass, we chatted here and there, few mishaps. Finally I decided I couldn’t wait any longer, I have not had sex for over 4 years.

    And boy oh boy was I disappointed, he rushed one, his manhood was so tiny I could hardly feel it, I have never been so unhappy in bed in my life.

    The man was fit, muscles, tall and dark, the best looking guy I have ever dated but the least unsatisfied sex I have ever had.

    But me fool me, didn’t end it there, because I was so caught up with his physical look, I kept on seeing him for over 3 years, until I finally gave up due his womanising ways.

    So I think you should learn from my experience and don’t fall so physical look cuz you don’t know what’s under there.

    So I invited him over

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    Ignore the last bit lol

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    Better off single

    This sounds like a porn gone wrong.

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    o my gawd. that’s even worst. make out with the delivery man who you don’t even know… eeeew.

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    Obviously you don’t get every man you want. And your desperation in chasing this one made you look pathetic. He’s not that into you.

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    He probably has a gf or a few of them..he sounds very immature and who TF still plays with glow sticks? Cut your losses he’s probably having sex with everyone he drops things off for.

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    Hopefully this isn’t a real story. Dad was in the next room while you were having sex. Pathetic.

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