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    Ri AZg 3

    Okay so I’ve been talking to this girl for a little over 3 weeks now. We went on one date and hung out at her house once, and we literally text all the time and FaceTime sometimes too. She always says things like I look cute and “look at you”, and we were talking about college once and I said I something about maybe moving to go to a different school and she said “nooo stay here because I’d miss you”.
    Anyway I really like this girl and would like to start a relationship and become “exclusive”. But is it too soon? Should I hangout with her/go on more dates before?
    Also she is somewhat shy. But I can tell even over the past week we’ve become a lot closer and comfortable with each other.

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    Not L

    Move to the different school if it is the better decision for YOU

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    Nope, not L. Color me stupid, but what ever happened to just asking her?

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    Ri AZg 3

    Replying to the first one – I said that to just say that obviously she cares about me if she’s thinking about that and the future.

    Replying to the second – I assume I could just ask I definitely would, but I wasn’t sure if it was too soon or not. I mean she has being saying things that include “we” so she’s talking about us. And today she’s said I’m cute at least 3 or 4 times lmao. I feel like I could ask but again she hasn’t really expressed anything about it to me yet

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    Puppies are cute too.

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    ***Anyway I really like this girl and would like to start a relationship and become “exclusive”. But is it too soon?

    I don’t know if you’re a guy or a woman, but yes, it is too soon.
    How about asking her out on an actual DATE first?

    BTW, how do you know this girl wants to be exclusive with YOU?
    Because she says you’re cute and chats on Facetime?

    A little presumptuous …don’t you think?

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    Stop thinking with ur PEN15

    Pull back on the reigns dude. You barely know her.

    You want to better your life and she’s already trying to hold you back. Is there another school locally that offers the subject you’re looking into?

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    Put some moves on her. You haven’t even put your tongue in her mouth yet. Next time you’re with her in a secluded spot lean in for that first kiss. If she rejects you don’t press it just take her home and move on.

    At this point you don’t have to factor her into any plans.

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