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    I’ve gone on 2 dates with a guy I really like so far. Our last date was Thursday night and it went well. He texted me the next yesterday.

    Today around 1pm he texts me asking how the rest of my day was yesterday, we have some chit chat, then around 1:15 he asks what I’m doing tonight. I respond saying “no plans yet, what about you?”

    It’s now 4pm and no response. I am really annoyed bc I wanted to see him again and also just want to plan my night out. I’m assuming the best thing to do is just not text him at all and when he texts me back say I made other plans. But I just feel like it’s weird and annoying to asks me a question and when I ask a question back not respond.

    My friend said I could say something like let me know if you want to get drinks or dinner but I feel like that’s annoying.

    What was the point of even asking me what I’m doing tonight then not responding. And if he does respond, at what time is it too late to accept any invite?

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    Anne Ohio

    Obviously hes not planning to set up a date tonite. No sense in wondering why. Just go on with your life.

    If he texts later be polite. Don’t assume hes a bad person. He just saw you two days ago.

    Above all, don’t get drunk and drunk text him later tonight.

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    He’s e tethering you. If he wanted to see you, he would. Do not accept a date at 4pm.

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    He did not have plans when he asked you, but now he does..and so by responding to you….

    Does not mean he is a bad person, but also does not mean he is really interested in you

    You are likely one of now

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    The point of asking you what you doing tonight was to bait you into ask him HIM. LOL This type of scenario we’ve seen before, 4 times in the past year that I remember.

    Learn from this “trick” and don’t fall for it anymore.

    If next time someone asks you what you doing tonight, either reply to him next morning, reply that you have some plans with family or friends, or simply ask “why ask” and add some emojis so it doesn’t come out as harsh.

    If a guy wants to ask you out, he would ask you out, properly.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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