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    I am texting an fwb and asked a question last night around 10. He has not responded yet.

    When do I send a follow up email and what do I say so I don’t come off needy? How can I start the question?

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    Why all the questions?

    Is it something urgent?

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    No. I just want to know if I can send him pics. Nothing urgent

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    Don’t send nude pics and it should be alright

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    What do I say?

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    It’s a fwb, it should be drama free and each person doesn’t have to do anything. I would not send him another text except asking when you can hookup, and if he doesn’t respond to that- I’d say you both are no longer fwb.

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    It’s too late…

    Why would you ask? Just send the pix-
    Asking for something inane is needy…

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    All this angst over sending pics.
    I think you need to reconsider getting involved in an FWB situation.

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    Hello Mcc…. can you have a massive crush on someone without it ever being reciprocated and feel just fine? Can you also sleep with people without ever thinking about them again?

    If you can – ok you carry on texting your FWB and do it whenever you like – but if he’s not responding, it’s too much for him.

    If you can’t, and you’re going to fall for the fantasy version of him you create in your head, then you either don’t embark on FWB or you don’t text him beyond hooking up like Khadija and anon say.

    I’m a year into a FWB+. The more you talk, the more feelings can develop, basically; and the second you catch the feels for a FWB it’s going to get complicated if not downright messy and angst-ridden.

    On the texting question, I found it preferable to let him set the pace of comms – i get absolute focus if he’s reaching out to me which is much more fun than pestering when he’s busy and getting a half-assed response. You want a man begging you to send him a picture rather than you offering up a picture and getting a lame or NO response – ouch girl, don’t even set that up for yourself.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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