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    Hello ladies!

    I recently had a date with a guy Who is a doctor he seems to have a busy life so even prior to date he wasn’t texting much. We had a great date and he asked straight away to see me again.
    We have a date planned for Tuesday.

    However judging by his style of texting I don’t expect to hear from him till Tuesday. Is this normal ? Or is that a sign a guy is not really that interested? I am used to guy texting between the dates but then again it gets boring …
    Thank you

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    I can already tell your not cut out for busy career driven men. Texting means diddly…its cheap, easy, and lazy to do; however taking a women out and spending QUALITY TIME with her is how a man SHOWS HE’S INTERESTED because he’s making an actual investment. When he stops doing that then you know he’s no longer interested.

    I’ll tell you a little story to understand how men think and operate. My (now ex) husband at the age of 9 bought his mom a baseball glove for her birthday. Do you know why he selected that gift for her? So they could spend TIME together! Time is the most precious gift a man gives to those he cares about and loves!

    Ask yourself, do you want to date A PHONE or A MAN??? If you want to date ‘a man’ then don’t look at your phone as a measurement of a man’s interest but the TIME he spends with you—the more TIME he spends with you is the level of interest he’s showing you! Lot’s of time = lots of interest; little time = little interest; no time = no interest. Stop looking at your phone and start looking at how often he spend’s his time with you and you’ll have your answer.

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    T from NY

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with you taking moments to consider if dating this type of man will make you happy. There are definitely men who show you — for the most part – by their actions how they feel and they reserve the energy they have for when you are face to face. I am the type of woman who needs more than that. I am perfectly content understanding the amount of contact I need from a significant other. I dated a med student/resident for 2 years and we had to work out. BUT that did not happen until we were many months in. A man who is incredibly-overwhelmingly busy is not going to make a huge effort for a woman until he is emotionally invested in her.

    If you like this guy so far — take the time and quiet between dates to SEE OTHER MEN and to live your wonderful life. Treat your interactions with him as separate and distinct moments of pleasure — do not future think too much right now!! This is for him and every man you hang out with. Let this man show you who he is — what his communication style is. Then – as things progress you can consider if his courtship-association would make you happy.

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    I chuckle everyone a woman asks this very ridiculous question. People just can’t seem to live life outside their phones. Life is sitting around waiting for a text message.

    If he funds text more before it’s because he has a real life. If he isn’t texting more now it’s because he still has a life.

    If you want to Base the quality of your life in how many text messages he sends you will most likely end up with a bunch of texting losers. You had only one date.

    What do you possibly have to say that’s so interesting before Tuesday? Many men replace actual dates with non stop texting. That’s when you know a man isn’t interested.

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    IMG nailed it

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