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    I broke up with ex in December but we kept in touch then met in December decided to try again but he wasn’t all in and said he couldn’t give me what I wanted but always said he loved me. I wish ex him merry Christmas and he messaged back saying it was a very sad situation that he loves me and is always thinking about us but refused to meet me because he didn’t want me to get mixed signals and said friends are all he can offer right now. I asked if we would ever be together again he said he doesn’t know but he had to concentrate on himself and his health right now. I asked if we can talk over the phone and he never responded. I didn’t contact him again and have been no contact for 12 days. I thought he might have wished me new year but I didn’t hear from him and i didn’t message him either. since I been no contact I’ve been ok some days are better than others but on my bad days I just want to message him.

    I’ve completely come off the radar all social media blocked his phone number and messages there’s only email left and that’s what we have been messinging on as he has also blocked me on everything else. the thing is I keep checking my email everyday to see if he’s been in touch but nothing and I’m constantly reading break up sites about no contact and all that. as the days are going on I lose more hope in us not ever being together again and I’m slowly coming to terms with it. I think I’m not feeling as bad because I’m used to him dumping me and locking me off and this is the longest I’ve ever gone no contact with him. I. usually always chasing him after a few days so I know I’m doing better. I just don’t know why I’m hanging on to someone I was only with 11 months even tho we was together all the time and who kept walking away from me easily every time including this one

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    Devil’s Advocate

    If you’re saying in 11 months you are “used to him dumping me and locking me off” and he “kept walking away from me easily every time including this one” then this has happened numerous times. Just how many times are you going to allow this man to discard you like it’s nothing and pick you back up? I think your New Year’s resolution needs to be to get off this merry go round ride with him that is going nowhere. Stop checking your email and focus on being no contact forever! If you are doing better then keep telling yourself every day how you are better off without a man who can change his mind at any given moment and drop you like a hot potato! You deserve better and you know it. Go look for better and don’t look back!

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    I know I’m trying and so far I’m doing ok…usually I would have give in by now..but I don’t feel that urge anymore I know how he’s been throughout the months and how he’s made me feel yet I don’t know what I’m trying to hold on too. I guess I’m feeling the loss and being lonely I keep thinking of the negatives bout him and how I think he cheated on me with his ex..and I say think because I don’t know what really happened but something wasn’t right and I don’t think I’d have Gorton over that if we had stayed together so I know all this I just don’t know why I’m doing this to myself

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    Stop all contact period.

    Break ups are never easy but, he was honest about what he cannot do for you.

    Take that as a gift, in due time you’ll meet someone else and this will be a distant memory.

    For years I held on to exes and boy do I wish I had moved on sooner.

    Don’t waste anymore time on this.

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    You are doing what is called ruminating.. Going in circles in your mind about something.. You may need someone like a counselor to help you with this.. Or a good friend who is willing to call you out on this continually by telling you what a destructive thing this is to do to yourself.

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    So sorry for you Lauren. I know breakups are not easy.
    Just take some time focusing on yourself.
    You will feel much better when you will meet someone else who will really like you and respect you.

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    it’s too weeks today I’m really struggling I had a dream about him.last night and woke up feeling crap. I have a constant urge just to send him an email to see if he’s ok. when we last emailed he said that at times he doesn’t feel like getting out of bed and he feels bad with his health I just think of hi. just lying in bed feeling bad and I still care for him but then I think of how he’s made me feel the last few months and what I’ve been through with him and i hold back. the way he’s just kept leaving me like he has just helps me get through things but it’s so hard and the the thought that he doesn’t care enough to message me either. this is the longest ive gone no contact.

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    Get your lover back in 3 days


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