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    Started seeing this guy about a year and a half ago. After 3 months I wanted to be exclusive, he didn’t know what he wanted so we parted ways but always kept in touch. A few weeks ago we started seeing each other again, we’ve been on 3 dates. After the last date I didn’t hear from him (which was odd he usually texts right after we part ways). He asked me to stay the night and in the morning I had to leave abruptly as I had plans. I texted him later that night and he responded immediately. We had a bit of back and forth texting. It’s been a day and a half since the texting and I haven’t heard from him since. Did he loose interest? Or did I scare him off by leaving so quickly. He seemed interested and happy during our date. We usually text everyday or every other day, he always initiates

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    Hi Jenny-sounds as if he still does not know what he wants-or maybe he already just got it and he has accomplished his goal. I don’t mean to sound so blunt,but that is what I see here. You may hear from him,you likely won’t. Do not contact him-wait and see what he does or does not do.
    Wishy- washy men do not usually change the way they are/operate. I would look for better.

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    You’ve said nothing about your relationship status with him. All I’m hearing is that you hopped into bed with him and you’ve had 3 dates. Are you exclusive? Are you his girlfriend? Are you FWB? What are you now to him, second time around?

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    Devil’s Advocate

    Well your post is very short. You don’t say if you had a conversation before you started seeing each other again. If you parted ways because he didn’t know what he wanted did he miraculously show up and tell you he wants to try a relationship with you again and wants to be exclusive and knows that he wants a future with you? If not and you didn’t set down ground rules for seeing each other again then I’m afraid you’re just an old contact in his phone he saw, realized he could get you in bed with a few texts, a few dates and little effort and it worked.

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    After 3 months I wanted to be exclusive, he didn’t know what he wanted so we parted ways but always kept in touch.

    Why would you see someone who didn’t know what they wanted in the first place? What exactly has changed with him?

    He will more than likely reach out at some point but, please clarify his motives before seeing him again.

    If they are not aligned with what you want move on and this time don’t keep in touch.

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    He’ll be back when he’s hornet again

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    Thanks all. I’ve since ended it due to his withdrawal

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    Ugh he is one of those guys that just wants to know he can always get his exs back. Seriously I know guys like this and they get pleasure out of their exes coming running, date them for a few weeks, and then move on again.

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    The number one reason that male exes/former lovers come back is…..SEX.

    This is all you are EVER going to get from him Jenny.

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    Well you said you always kept in touch, meaning you kept texting him. He didn’t really pursue you. Then he got himself laid because obviously, you were available, now he’s got that, he never did want you for his girlfriend anyway. You knew that.

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    Jenny, good for you. Good that you ended it, he might try to weasel his way back again, but he will not change his style.

    You do need to look at relationships with men in terms of who initiates what and when. It is very important because it signifies their feelings, their interest. “We stayed in touch” you said. How exactly? did oyu text him and he replied? or did he initiate 8 out of 10 texts? There is a difference there. How did your dates go? did he invite you in a romantic way? did you talk about a new stage of your relationship or did you “assume” that you are dating now. Be careful with men, they can hurt your feelings quite badly.

    If an ex comes back you must make it very clear about what they want and why they are back. Most commonly they are back to one of the exes to feel better about themselves, they might have broken up with their current girl, or some other things that made them feel low, so they want someone to pick them up. Once they feel better, they’d drop you again, without consideration of how it would make you feel.

    This unfortunately an MO of 90% of men these days, so you need to be careful and observant, and pay attention to details. LOL

    Good for you you ended it, stick to your decision.

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    Well, It’s good that you ended it Jenny, Because having an On and Off communication he might think that it’s okay to you that he can see you whenever he wants and have sex. That’s good that you parted ways.

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