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    I met a guy online over a month ago. We used to talk and text everyday, FaceTime, we only lived 1 mile away from each other so a week later decided to meet up. It was instant attraction and we got along on a lot of different levels. As amazing as this was, 3 weeks prior i was actually offered a new work opportunity in a city 3 hours away that i accepted and was really upset that I didn’t meet him sooner. I didn’t tell him about me moving until about 2 days before. I was super nervous because I wanted us to work out and continue dating and see where it goes but I knew my moving could change that.
    So i finally asked him one night to meet up and finally told him about my work opportunity and that I was moving. He was really upset and his eyes got watery while he was telling me that he “really likes me” and asked why did I lie and not tell him sooner. I told him, i didn’t lie, i just wasn’t ready to tell you. I felt really bad, but I told him that I want to know if he wants to keep talking and see where it goes or if he wants to stop talking, and he said that he feels our relationship has the potential to be great and he doesn’t want to give up on us so easy and that he would drive out to see me once I got settled.

    Well its been 3 weeks and fast forward to now, in the first week, we would still talk and FaceTime every night
    but slowly that has ended and we barely even talk now. I ended up having to go back to the city i was previously to open my mailbox and I made plans to meet up with him, but wasn’t able to because last minute I had to drive back the same day. He got upset that I cancelled and I haven’t heard from him since. That was 3 days ago.

    Well the work opportunity that I got, its a long story but the location got ordered to shut down for legal reasons and now I’m out of a job. I signed a lease to a new place out here and now have to decide if I want to pay 2k to cancel it and move back to where I came from or try to stay out here and look for a new job.
    I reached out to a few friends and they offered me jobs to start asap if I was to move back. But honestly I feel like I would just be moving back, for a job of course and to make money but deep down I can’t lie and i know i want to go back because i want to move things forward with Johnny and want to go back to how things originally were.

    I just wanted advice on if I should stay out here and try to get a job or if I should move back for a “guy”. i’ve moved and done stuff for a guy before and regret it and I don’t want to make the same mistake.



    Why would you move back for a guy who’s not your BF?

    Who you barely know, who when you left didn’t maintain any type of contact with you …?


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    Are there more opportunities where you now live? Is this a place you have genuinely wanted to move to? I could see moving back to your old town if that’s where you’re happiest, but even if you do move back, nothing may happen with this guy. If that were the case, do you think you would regret moving?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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