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    Why do I feel little guilty for talking to other people even a month after my break up. Relatinship was for 2 years

    If I have a good time with group of friends, but later I will feel low even more than before if I did not go

    I cant bring myself to go on dates yet even though I get casual invites for just a coffee or chat

    I dont know if this is a reason but the breakup doesnt feel final. We ended it on text because we did all the break uo talking few times before, there was nothing left to be said and before all the times the more we said we would end up getting back

    People get together all the time how do you know its over for sure it would help to know if my ex slept with someone by now so I can move on

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    Troll Tears

    This is all in your head! The reason why the break up doesnt feel final is because you still have feelings for him. No break up ever feels final if feelings are still there. No amount of talking or knowing his relationship/sexual status isn’t going to give you closure. Its just going to hurt you more and keep you from moving on. It doesnt sound like the two of you have been in contact at all during the split? So really there are no signs this wouldnt be completely over right?!
    Focus on yourself and don’t force yourself to go on dates. A month isnt that long to get over a relationship, give yourself time to heal, do stuff for yourself, get together with friends.

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    Yes no contact but you sometimes hear people get back after NC. I guess I am impatient to move on. I have feelings still but never want us to get back together dont want to be contacted but there is no chance of that. I thought of blocking number and email but cant be sure whats a good idea or whats a overreaction anymore

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    My son’s father & I broke up…. Again

    He was mean hateful disrespectful regardless of all efforts I made to diffuse. We still are parents & I don’t want to fight and argue I want him back. It’s a lot of detail so to makes things short and sweet he keeps telling me “Do you not understand how serious this is” or “I am done no more me & you.”
    Yes, I know typically when someone says that it is because it is true however this is not the first or even fourth repeated predicted scenario. It’s almost a routine that had been going on 4 years now. I’m starting to feel like this is truly it since I kicked him out a week ago. Is this a games to him which is something else he often accuses me of doing.

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    *I don’t ask him if it is over or anything like that before the comments are made either.

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    Do NOT call that number!

    Ladies, sadly there is no magic pill or formula that ends the heartache. The only way it can end is to give yourself the closure by saying “NO MORE!” This is the conversation you need to have with yourself, and constantly remind yourself I am and will be happier without you!

    This of course takes TIME. You will go through many emotions, feel great one day, and royal mess the next but this is how the healing taking place! I know it doesn’t feel that way, right now; only when you get through it, will you finally understand it. It doesn’t last forever, it will eventually ebb the longer you stand your ground, and take your power and life back. Like the saying goes “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” and its true! You will start feeling stronger and stronger the longer you stay out of the dysfunctional cycle you’ve found yourselves in.

    He’s not your match. The one you’re suppose to be with is waiting for you to heal, and cross their path. This man will love and adore you, treat you well, and never want to make you cry. You have to begin the process of believing you’re worthy of that kind of love, and only then will it find you.

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