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    Didn’t your stalker move on to date your girlfriend? Doubtful he’s still hanging around.

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    Please please please talk to a licensed therapist.
    Why go through any of this alone? It’s really tearing your life down, and you don’t deserve that. Focus on YOU. Even. If there is someone watching you all the time, who cares about them? Who needs their approval? Focus on you. Please go talk to someone about getting back on track with your life.

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    Better off Single

    Why go through any of this alone?
    I’m too stubborn.
    I was in and out of therapy from 9 to 16.
    I do my own research and have pretty good awareness.
    I put most of my focus on God so I’m not alone.

    I’ll get back on track with my life when this stops. Being watched doesn’t bother me as much as it used to.

    Things like stealing my cats, leaving a skinned rabbit fur on my patio, shaving two lines on my dog, messing with my car stereo, leaving dead rolly pollies all over my apartment sends a clear message this person does not like me at all.

    I don’t know what he’s done for my best friend. There was one time she was working really hard and didn’t get to take a lunch some random person showed up and brought lunch to her.

    He was seeing us both at the same time. I’m not down for polyamory so I fought it. I’m better off alone than in a polyamorous relationship. Not a fan of sharing.

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    Oh wow. He was seeing both of you at the same time? I wouldn’t have been able to do that either. Good that you were able to maintain your relationship with your best friend though. That must have been tough.

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    Do you really have a problem with stalking? I never know if you are serious.

    If you do – I’ve had a horrible experience with seriosu stalking so here’s my advise – document everything, even in a journal (dates, signes, anxietes, anything). tell the police, they should offer support. keep all the emergenency numbers at hand. change your number if you need to. move if you need to. finally, I’m sure there are some (free) support societies for victims of domestic abuse in your area.

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    Better off single

    Half the time, I’m being sarcastic.

    I’m dead serious about being stalked and fighting it alone to kill whatever image this person has of me or confirm it. I never know which one. I’ve publicly posted a few things on Facebook like pictures of my radio.some signs thaf really took my breath away and made me feel special but it was a lie. It’s been going on for 4 years and being so scared, I stupidly deleted and covered up a lot of his tracks. Emergency numbers? Everyone is writing me off in their life because they think I’m crazy. I’ve moved. Still too poor to go anywhere on my own so back to living with Mom. My stepdad has a closet full of guns and I know how to use every one of them if I feel that threatened. I’ve changed my number 3 times and erased email accounts.

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    Better off single

    Thank you for the advice.

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    4 years? In my case it was extreme, but it stopped over 2 years.

    if you’ve been stalked for 4 years, you’re in serious danger. no ‘funny’ forum (with all due respect fellow formueres) will help.

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    Better off Single

    It helps just writing about it to strangers.

    Why does he think disrespecting my personal values or freedom causing a negative reaction out of me is loving me? Does he want me to hate him?

    Sorry for rejecting his digital kindness and getting paranoia instead.

    I’m in serious danger. Well he has proved time and time again, there’s nothing I can f*king do about it but p¡ss and moan.

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    That’s not true, there are things that you can and should do, such as contacting police, over and over and over again, if necessary.

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    I’m drunk.

    Don’t have cops have better things to do than search for someone with little to no evidence of it happening?

    They won’t give a sh*t about it. Maybe have an officer park outside my place for a week or something. Maybe laugh at me and call me crazy just like every one else has.

    I don’t have a name, description, or an idea of who or where this person lives.

    It hurts. I don’t understand why it’s happening to me. I don’t know what I did to this person or to deserve this.i don’t understand why it can’t be handled maturely.

    I don’t want it.

    I really want to give up on life right now.

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    Dickie half witt

    Maybe it’s my dead ex finance haunting me.

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    Dickie half witt

    I miss him the most. I should have moved to Denver and married him. He would probably still be alive and I wouldn’t have ever gone through this.

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    Better off single

    Good that you were able to maintain your relationship with your best friend though. That must have been tough.

    It wasn’t that tough. I fought with him trying to get me jealous over it multiple times and chose the “Bros before hoes” philosophy. I cherished my best friend for the last 20 years and no guy would get in between it. In fact, I stupidly chose her over my future with my ex fiance.

    If any guy wanted her and wanted me too, I’ll make the decision easy for him. It’s a huge turn off for me.

    Relationship status with the guy: friends…and I’ll keep my distance.

    I wont fight over a man with my best friend or any friend. There are tons of other men out there. Just leave me alone with that “you complete me in ways I never thought were possible” junk and get googly eyes over her and then treat me like dirt.

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    Better off single

    Please stop blocking messages! Now my cousin is upset with me.

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    Better off Single

    My stalker seems to want to do harmful things to me rather than help me succeed and it seems he would rather watch me fail and struggle, getting off on me having a psychotic episode for interfering in my life. Does he understand why I’m so bitter toward this situation? I don’t understand why someone would do this and say it’s just a joke. He’s costing me money I don’t have and emotional damage. Haha f*king hillarious.

    I’m supposed to just lay down and accept it.

    Which I don’t get or understand why. I’m a total loser and I don’t want to stay that way forever. I’m trying to better myself. Trying to make my own life better without needing someone else. Its not that I don’t want actual help. The things that are happening is not helping it shows a lack of compassion. Which I know he has. Hes standing in the way of me accomplishing anything. It’s always a set back. I’m.mad about it. I’m not trying to be a victim but when I focus on the facts the only nice thing ever done was those signs down the street from my house.

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    Better off Single

    I’m so tired of being bullied for having a different opinion or approach to my own life. I understand better why people who are bullied wind up killing themselves.

    The sneaky subtle tactics like stealing my birth certificate can be chalked up as lost. I might not be that organized, I do know where to find important documents. I didn’t lose it. It was stolen. I could care less about the hoodie, the sunglasses and all the other crap and crazy stunts pulled. Standing in the way to go back to college, renew my driver’s license, or get a new job I do care about.

    All because I tried to beat you at your own game. Hail to the victor.

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    Better off Single

    I guess trying to put effort into my own life, figuring out what it is I really want without influence, without expecting a man to come into it and be the hero makes me a fool.

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    Better off Single

    And I am sorry that you’re so hurt in the process it causes you to do these things and drive me crazy instead of actually talking to me about it.

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