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    You’ve never had sex? How old are you? That might be the first problem? Unless you are under the age of 21? Consider going to school instead of worrying about dumb guys. But if you are against sex or something then there’s the answer xox

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    I am not against sex or intimacy, but I feel there needs to be an understanding and some exclusivity before you get your pants or guard down :)

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    The issue which I have always faced the guys I have been interested in or if it has been mutual it spins my head. So if you see the posts we all deal with the guys mood swings, understanding their pattern, behavior – hot and cold nature.
    I had low self esteem I had always been worried about am I enough good looking, young, pretty, did I take good care, did I ask right questions…ohh dang this had been my cycle…and then decoding the male response

    Aaaand then I started loving taking care of myself :) . The issues which I had with my self esteem wasn’t anymore the guys I wanted to look good BODYLICIOUS ;) for …it’s for me now :) I feel good and confident in my skin. I still have flaws but hey I am workin on it mama :) but to be a better human and totally in my awe now ;)

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    I won’t deny I still miss someone to rely on someone to go out with , fall back on, love unconditionally and ofcourse the INTIMACY. But if something is not happening and I am not dating and lowering my wishlist/checklist in men..then I can’t blame anyone. My dating way is not good – am i working on it ? may be this is the issue, but I cry every time I get interested in a guy…I reach out, try to plan things but when there is no initiative something hurts inside me.. :( so I date very few people :)
    And honestly I know I might miss something’s in life and I do get sad/depressed feel lonely but then I try to see (not always though) what life has to offer. :)
    ohk now i am a little senti :()

    & Better of single Thank you <3 I am following your suggestions hugs & kisses :*

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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