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    Hi all

    So i have been dating this girl (our 4 date this saturday) + (I work with her). So everything has been going great!We always get back around 6 am from every data (making out in my car for like 3h) . Why im I worried when I see her texting someone? she never texts but when she does I get worried that shes texting another guy. She doesnt look like the type of girl that would ever do that. When I kissed her for the first time, she told me that she doesn’t kiss people that easily. Im I over thinking this? In our dates she wouldn’t even touch her phone once.

    PS: Also we dont txt because shes not big texter (sometimes before the date we do) but we always talk to each other at work.

    Thank you for your help

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    Why do you not think she is texting a GF? What makes you think she is texting a guy?

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    Stop trying to control her! She’s ALLOWED to text whomever she wants! It’s her phone, her bill and her right to text or not text. Your insecurities are going to kill this if you don’t stop stressing about every word she did or thing she does. Seriously, just chill and enjoy getting to k ow her better.

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    Unless she is constantly texting you WHILE you guys are on the date (i.e. shes not paying attention to the convo you are having because she’s stuck on her phone) I wouldn’t bring this up. I personally find texting in front of others, unless it’s an urgent work matter or super important to be kinda rude. But maybe that’s just me.

    The truth is you have no idea who she is texting– could be her BFF, her sister, Mom, coworker, etc.

    Also, the idea that you can “tell” if a woman is the type to text another man by the way she looks made me laugh!

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    Agree with everyone that it’s none of your business really, BUT the fact that you say you and she don’t text “because she’s not a big texter” but that she’s texting others a lot, does seem slightly strange. Still think it’s too early to be stressing about this though.

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    I see this going south when you get clingier, more controlling and paranoid with each date. She likes you or she wouldn’t accept the next date but eventually this side of you is going to start seeping out and will start seeing this other side of you that you’ve hidden thus far.

    Your overly infatuated with her. True love is calm with a strong foundation of trust, honesty, respect and respect for the other that has been built iover time (many months). Like they say “only fools rush in” and your rushing this at warp speed!

    If you can’t trust her then this is going to crash and burn.—-a relationship without trust is horrible!!!

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    Relax, she is texting her GFs telling them how hot you are. LOL

    Like most guys you are possessive and it is pretty much normal. Just don’t mention any of your worries to her. Once she starts falling for you (and this will be demonstrated by her texting you more haha), you can ask her to become exclusive.

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