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    Better off Single

    Whats the point of adding someone on social media if you’re not going to talk/message them?

    Is it just for likes or to just show you what you’re missing out on?

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    i always find it amusing how people think if you accept a fb friend request, you want a personal relationship (at least to the point of chatting) with them. Why? A fb friend is exactly that, a fb friend. I have over 400 fb friends, after i cleared my fb account (it used to be thousands). When in the world would i have time to chat with all of them? That’s precisely why i’m fb friends with them. so that i don’t have to chat with them

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    Better off single

    Honestly I really think social media is dumb. If I do send a request it’s because I met them or I think they’re inspiring. Im hardly on it anyway. Sure, it’s a great way to follow what celebrities are doing. It’s not like they would notice or care if I was or wasn’t following them. I’ve got my own life to live to care about what they’re doing everyday or even leave comments they probably won’t even see. The important people in my life call me, message me, come see me, or I go see them.

    What amuses me is how much people seek their worth or value in how many followers/likes/comments they have.

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    I am only on Twitter as I really don’t like social media.

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    Better off single

    really like him. Not that I believe I would ever cross paths with him or expect him to sweep me off my feet or that I’m obsessed with him. I did try to go to his retreat about a years ago but it was too expensive. Though, he is really attractive, he wouldn’t see anything of quality in a person like me. I’m a practical person. I don’t live in a fantasy. I just respect and admire the person he is. I’m sure Lots and lots of women would agree how attractive he is. I followed him because he has really inspired me over the years. He gives amazing advice. I noticed he has about 3 million followers. I was following his posts on facebook for awhile and I unfollowed him a few years ago. Along with a lot of other celebrities. I decided I would just keep my focus on people I actually know. Do you think he would notice that I unfollowed him? I still visit his page from time to time and like some of his posts. Would he hold it against me that I don’t follow him if he did notice? Not that I believe he did. He’s a busy man. Like he has time to keep track of all 3 million of his followers. I’m pretty sure y’all are going to attack me and claim I’m in denial. I really don’t believe he would notice.

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