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    Dev Purr

    Me and my ex broke up about 4 months ago. We kind of talked about being friends in the future but not anytime soon. So out of blue I’m at work and he sends me two texts messages and called me to let me know he wasn’t dating anybody since we broke up. I decided to hear him out, half wanting to hear his voice so I called him back not immediately but after I settled down from getting home from work. We ended up talking for 40 mins, and apparently someone from his work was spreading rumors and we know a lot of the same people so he wanted to see if it had got to me and if it did that he was sorry, luckily it didn’t I heard nothing. We caught up on life and work, said we’d be in touch soon as soon as my life settles down. I told him to have a good night and he said see you soon. Am I reading into stuff or does he does he still care? Also why would let me know he wasn’t dating anyone?

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    He seems to be still interested and was maybe waiting to hear if you were dating anyone. If he calls again do not readily tell him that you aren’t dating anyone, either. Let him guess. Did he break up with you?

    And what was it he was afraid of you hearing? That he was dating someone?

    Let him lead. He’ll call and ask you out if he is still interested.

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    I think he might be interested in getting back together.

    What was the rumor? him dating someone?

    In any case let lead and work for it. If he wants you back he needs to use his balls and tell you that very specifically. And also explain how he sees the issues that led to your breakup being resolved.

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    Better off single

    He’s trying to cover his own butt.

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    Better off single

    He isn’t interested in getting back together.

    If you heard the rumor…sorry.

    WTF is that? What did he say that was ‘misinterpreted’ by someone else?

    People say some nasty things when they’re hurt, heartbroken, and/or angry.

    Just sayin.

    My ex told his mother some pretty mean and upsetting things about me that wasn’t really necessary to tell her to make himself look like the better person.

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