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    I met a foreign guy abroad while oon work duty. He is shy (said that himself) so I put in the effort to spend time with him and his collegues at the evenings. On a night out we danced (after a few beers) and he kissed me several times, held me and did not seem shy at all. We spend the next day together and he said ‘thank you for last night’ which was damn cute; i kissed him on the cheek and said ‘I Like you’ what he returned. Anyway, the next day he decided he wants to stay friends as he didnt want a long distance relationship; I was sad but agreed. Then the next evening he completely ignored me. The next morning when I was about to fly home he said he doesnt have the right feelings. We agreed to visit each other and stay friends.
    What I know about him:
    – he hates conflicts and whats to hide once he gets into one.
    – we have a lot in common
    – his colleague mentioned that I would have to be friends first for a long time to get him.
    – he never talks about girls.
    – he hates texting and rather calls people.(I didnt have the guts to call him)

    I texted him if he likes to phone after one week no see. No answer. I invited him over: no answer. I asked whats wrong, why he doesnt react: no answer. He just answered on “normal” stuff like when I sent him a funny photo with haha.
    Probably, I was being to pushy…It just hurts that he ignores me like that and I dont know what to do. I really would like to get to know him better and be friends.

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    you do realise your trying to force or push him into being with you when he doesn’t want to? he may like you but he has figured and told you its not going to work. after that he seems to have withdrawn. please accept his decision and stop throwing yourself at him. embarrassing for him and you. let him go.

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    Leave him alone, you are chasing him.

    He’s long distance and not interested in dating you. His actions says so.

    Don’t force this, find someone closer to you.

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    Dont let his shyness mislead you into thinking that he’s interested on the inside and you need to lead. I would take his friend comment with a pinch of salt. Think of it more like an acquaintance than a friend, if that.

    And don’t lie to yourself. You don’t want to be friends with him but more. Calling him and inviting him over? That too a shy guy. Shy guys are not necessarily hesitant. He knows what he wants and it’s not a LDR. Respect his space in communication and move on.

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