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    I am worried

    I dated my boyfriend for four months now.

    He used to text me all day long.
    He even sent me msgs when he was with his friends or was travelling. But of course he did not text me all throughout the day when he was with some others.But he used to me ask me lots of questions.

    Now he texts me once a day just to see how my day was. I am the one who asks most of the questions.

    The frequency of meeting dates pretty much increased and we spend more time together. I started feeling comfortable around him but there is no so called spark anymore. He does not flirt with me as he used to. We are more into discussing serious topics such as about life and about family. But then I am the one who opened up more about my hurt feeling. He never mentioned about if he was hurt or not. The stories he mention are more focused on his current job and career. I know it is very important for him but I am bit disappointed he does not talk much about himself apart from his goal of life and his close family members. Also some of his friends.

    I once mentioned he changed too much and I think he is trying. But this does not feel the same. Is it normal to be like this?

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    The frequency of meeting dates pretty much increased and we spend more time together.

    This is way more important then receiving text messages all day. In your post you mentioned that he does text you to see how your day is going.

    Are you enjoying the time you are spending with him?

    I will say this he is showing you who he is. He is settling into the relationship and somethings about him will seem different to you.

    Keep in mind at four months if you are truly unhappy, then reconsider if this guy is the right fit for you.

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    You opened up about being hurt and are upset he hasn’t? Surprised he hasn’t run away, what is your problem. You can have a fun relationship in just four months? Why so serious? The relationship is settling into comfortable scent you want drama. He will be gone before you know it if you can’t grow up. Do you want a bf or some gr you can dump emotional vomit on?

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    Much more important than texting is the time you spend together! Are you enjoying each others company during those times? If so continue, if not stop. And don’t continue to whine and complain to his face or he will dump you. Guys want easy to get along with and fun girlfriends.

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    Sounds like your idea of a boy friend is a dependable texting buddy. Would you rather text or actually care about him.

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    I have no idea why woman want to date their phones??? The true measurement of a man’s interest is the amount of TIME he spends with you. I remember this one story my mother-in-law told me and it will help you understand this concept. When he was a bout nine he bought his mother a baseball glove for her birthday? Why? Because he wanted to spend TIME with her doing something he enjoyed. My mother-in-law LOVED IT because she got to spend quality time with her son doing something he loved and it made their bond stronger.

    Is the TIME you spend together good? Are you learning about each other? Exploring what you both like and don’t when talking and engaging in activities? My BF literally keeps a diary on me lol. He remembers the minute details of what we’ve done, talked about, and my daily activities to the point I told him “sometimes I feel like your watching me, like you have a secret camera” and he responded with “Like me your a creature of habit. I’ve watched and listened to you enough to know what your doing and when your doing it.” That’s one of the qualities I love about him and its made our bond and connection stronger as we spend more time together.

    If you feel like its one sided and he’s not integrating you into his world then I would discuss it like you would anyone else and decide if its something you can live with or not if he’s not able to see your point of view.

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    I agree with the above, he is settling into the relationship. Most guys text a lot at the beginning bc they are getting to know you and want to keep your interest. Now he is getting to know you in person, which is way better! If you no longer feel a spark, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel one, however if the spark is already gone, maybe you would be better off as friends.

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