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    So I’ve been talking with this guy for about a month and we’ve gone on two dates (which were both fantastic). We’ve texted a lot and it’s a pretty even back and forth. I’m in no way texting too much or anything. Recently I started noticing that I seem to be the one initiating but he always replies. Last night (Friday) we had a good convo and we both said goodnight. He had to do some work this morning (Saturday) so I didn’t bother texting today yet. Should I wait to see if he’ll reach out? Or could he be used to me initiating? It’s hard to get any advice from the internet. Some articles say to wait for him to contact you, and some say to just talk to him if you want to. We already talked about texting games and we both said we hated them. If I wait for him to contact I feel like I’m playing a game and going against what we said, but it’s hard to know if he’s really interested in me if I’m always the one initiating. And before I get criticized, I know it can be normal to not hear from a guy from more than a day. It just doesn’t seem normal for us… idk, I would just like some advice not criticism please. Thanks.
    Oh and also, he was the one to ask me out in the first place and plan our second date as well.

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    “its hard to get advice on the internet…some say wait and some say text”

    ^ I think you will get the same on this forum, because the beauty in humanity is that everyones opinions differ.

    I wouldn’t always be the one to initiate a conversation. Let him chase/take the lead too – that way you can see if he is contacting you because he wants to, or replying because of courtesy. Thats just my opinion.

    I prefer to be 50/50 in all aspects, initiating conversations, paying for dates etc.

    You see to be analysing this relationship a little too much for only knowing him one month.I think? You should relax, sit back, wait for him to reach out & in the meantime – go do something super fun! :)

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    Thanks Alex!

    I think I’ll wait and see what happens. If he doesn’t reach out in the next few days then I guess I know how he feels.

    A small part of me feels like if that happens I should still reach out just in case he feels like I’m not interested anymore.

    That’s probably very naive of me but I can’t help feeling like something amazing could be falling through my fingertips and I didn’t even try to save it.

    This is also me thinking the worst of things. He could very well still text me tonight, tomorrow or in the next couple of days.

    Man! I really need to chill! Smh

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    He knows you like him, you don’t need to do all the work & constantly reassure him you like him. chill and let him come to you. Give him a bit of space and keep yourself busy!

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    Thanks again Alex!

    Really you have no idea how much you’ve made me feel better!

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    Yes, 2 in a month, I was on vacation in between, and he’s over an hour away.

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    If he’s not texting to schedule in-person dates then he’s probably getting bored. You are no leaving any mystery or intrigue, nor giving him a reason to spend time with you because you are giving him way too much info. for free, via text.

    A man’s TIME is the ultimate gift he gives to those he cares about and loves. If a man isn’t wanting to spend time with you, then he’s going to lose any feelings pretty quickly if you haven’t created a strong bond which is done by spending time together, not talking or texting for hours.

    Men do no bond from endless talking, in fact a man can fall in love with a woman in less than 10 minutes, and it has nothing to do with talking or texting. If he’s physically attracted (a must) and you have a certain flair or energy about you, that’s all a man needs to the point he wants to be with and around you.

    In a nutshell, you bored him to death with too much texting.

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    You are too available and into him. Back off, leave a little mystery. Have a life. If he didn’t make plans with you for Saturday night then there is no reason to text him today.

    Be busy. Do something. You running ahead of yourself

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