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    Hi,the other days I went to Walmart and I was in the cosmetic section (which I happen to love LOL!!) and when I get to the hair care aisle, i was trying on some perfumes and when I was walking towards the shampoo/conditioners this guy is coming my way an stares funny at me, I thought ”what a creep” Lol Ok, so then I left to the body wash/flat iron aisle and I happened to be there with my grandma, so she tells me ”oh wait for me here I will be right back, I’m gonna go and get something” Ok so as soon as she left, the guy comes back and talks to me hes like ”are you jennifer? im like what? no, and he says jennifer lopez, and I start to giggle and laugh, so does he,(he was like you look so much like her, have you ever been told that? and I am like yeah a couple of times, but ”I wish i was” Lol, so he gave me his business card and invites me for a coffee the next day, I told him that I do not live here in florida,(which was a lie cause I do live here) but since I did not know him at all I lied, so he was kinda of cute perhaps a couple years older than me, and I decided to add him on whatsapp today, SO I said hi to him , but he replied and saw the message so late at 8:01, should I break the ice asking him something specific or what do you advice me to do, god knows if he is divorced, married, or with kids….should I keep on messaging him or what?

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    Pantomime Horse

    No don’t contact him at all. He was practising ‘day game’, this is a technique that PUAs sometimes use. They believe approaching women during the day in innocent places like a shop will lower their guard.* This fellow will have approached other women that day be assured as ‘day game’ is a numbers game. If a man approaches 10 women one of them might give him her details. If he never hears from you he’ll write you off in a second and if he does hear from you he’ll add you to his ‘harem’. You will always be just one of many women in his life.

    * Troy Francis has written a number of articles on ‘day game’ try googling him so that you can be aware of this technique, how it is employed and the philosophy behind it.

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    Ok Stephen. It’s also called meeting women in person instead of hiding behind a key board like you.
    My issue is that OP lied about where she lived! Then died him to WhatsApp. Now she looks like a jerk. Also. Of course you don’t know him. But you can meet men in very different places. I don’t take men’s business cards. If they ask about a meet up I tell them to call me. Then they either have to ask for my number or walk away. If they get my number, the ball is is their court to get in touch Nd I don’t give it a second thought. I also don’t stay on a roster and keep the stupid texting up with a stranger, he either eats to really meet or not.

    Stephen how is this different than men who are lazy and hit up women online? They do the exact same thing, except don’t have the balls to actually do it in person and expend some real energy and time.

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    Funny enough I am with Stephen here.

    Assuming that this guy approached just YOU…is silly, wouldn’t you agree?

    We also know that most men would feel very uncomfortable to do such a thing, so what he did is still out of the norm. Any abnormal behaviour should raise suspicion.

    With that said, you are not risking much if you handle it with care. Do NOT contact him yourself! I can’t believe that you even think of doing it. If he was smitten by the sigh of you to the extent that he approached you, he will contact you himself. Again and again. He is not shy, isn’t he? Proceed with a lot of caution, test him very well, confirm his identity. Use common sense!

    In Europe this type of an “approach” is not abnormal, people meet at coffee shops etc. But in the States it is, so take this into consideration as well.

    The guy said something flattering to you, and you are already ready to chase him…you can do better. LOL

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    Aren’t you the married woman wi5 a crush or affair going on?

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    @haha aren’t you a little too forward? LOL

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    He came onto you with a corny chat up line. The most inventive I’ve ever had was a man draw a sketch of me at a coffee shop! But now he has to make the effort. You contacted him so he knows you’re interested.

    I agree with Stephen and Emma that men who do this, do it a lot! Be open minded but wary. Definitely don’t chase him.

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