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    Our last text conversation was on June 21. This was the convo:

    Him: I’m traveling. I’ll be back at the end of the month. Let’s meet then :)
    Me: Ok can’t wait :)
    Him: :) :)

    He hasn’t texted me since. Should I text him?

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    A simple hello how was your trip and see how it goes..if he’s cold..move on

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    I agree with Rose, a simple text.

    If he’s short in his response move on.

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    No, don’t text him!

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    Ever notice how people say ‘see ya soon’ but never really mean it? Why text? Ya think he forgot you?

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    Let’s “meet” then, as in you haven’t met before? Don’t text him. Some people like to wait until there’s a little space in their life before potentially starting something new. Or maybe he changed his mind about you completely. Either way, probably put it on the back burner until he texts you.

    If “meet” just means get together (again), sure, text him to say hi and ask about the trip. Just once though.

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    So I texted him “Hey, are you back?” On July 10th. He hasn’t responded. It’s been two days.

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    Is he done with me?

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    Time to move on.

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    The answer is yes.

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    Why give him all the power… “Is he done with me?”

    Please don’t pine over a guy who can’t remember to call You.

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