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    Had 3 dates with a guy. Long conversations over phone before the first date, following the second and before the 3rd. Have alot in common. He asked me to be exclusive after the second date. I said no. He accuses me of being in love with my ex. I stayed over at the end of the 3rd date, spent the night. He asks me to spend another night I say no. I go home in a cab that I paid for. I texted him the next morning he answers after work and we texted. He leaves the convo hanging, the next morning I text hey hope your morning is going well I hear NOTHING back. So 4 days go by I hear nothing. I send him a text saying this: I don’t usually reach out after being ignored but i wanted to wish you best of luck, I had a great time while it lasted, take care.
    Haven’t heard back and my friends say something must’ve happened that it’s weird. he shared alot of personal information, and I’m wondering what happened.
    Should I reach out? He’s on my mind everyday like maybe I jumped the gun? I don’t wanna say i was ghosted but maybe he felt slighted? Either way, why is he on my mind?
    I almost texted him twice this week it was so strong….

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    Sounds like he wanted more than you and exited when he didn’t want to deal with the imbalance anymore. I wouldn’t text him. He’s shown you he’s done through his actions or lack there of.

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    He’s getting a hot and cold vibe from you. Instead of just saying ‘no’, if you’re really interested in possibly pursuing something with him you should have explained yourself better…like ‘I really like you and would like to see where this can go, but let’s just take things a little slower’.
    I’m sensing he felt slighted and got off the Sam train.

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    I dont agree you were hot and cold. Saying no to being exclusive on a second date is smart because its meaningless. Not going for a second night stay also seems like a logic choice you made. I would not text him anymore. Its likely he just wanted the sex and thats it. So he has to reach out to you. The odds of him being dead or in a hospital are not that high. The odds him not responding because he doesnt wNt a follow up are way higher.

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    Sounds like he offered to be exclusive after the 2nd date thinking it would seal the deal for sex. When he got it anyway after the 3rd date, his true interest level came out. You got played.

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    What if he doesn’t reach out…why is he on my mind? I’ve gone on other dates…I”ve been meeting other people, but he still is in my head very strongly…

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    Next time he asks say yes. He may be the kind of guy who thinks that you don’t care about him. Ask him to spend the night for a few days and see what he says.

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    If you think he is lying in a ditch somewhere, call him…

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    OMG so i reached out and he just said that he felt the interest wasn’t there…and was asking if i went back to my ex! we are talking now….

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