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    So I went out with this younger guy from work. I know, I know, not a good idea. He explicitly said he didn’t just want sex but after we hooked up we basically stopped talking. I’m also 80% sure he’s talking to someone else more seriously. I’m not that concerned about it because I never got too invested but I need to know how to stop myself from confronting him. It’s not going to do anything good, and I know that, I just keep having the urge to say something to him about being honest with his intentions and tell him I don’t want things to be awkward. How do I get over this urge please 😂

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    You don’t know his intentions. Men rarely approach women for “just sex.” There’s a lot more that goes on (communication, spending time together, etc.) that happens leading up to sex. For all you know, he liked you then changed his mind for whatever reason. Think how embarrassed you will feel if you act like the stereotypical crazy woman.

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    You act like an Adult…

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    Yeah, I know, I know.. confront him about what? Giving sex to a man who didn’t want it?

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    L, Why were you rude to this young lady. Try to be nicer.. Do you even realize you are very mean to people sometimes??

    It gets old….

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    She is 80 percent sure he is seeing someone else. What’s your great advice?

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    And how young can she be? Is she doing a 16 year old on work papers?

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    L, It’s the part where you said “Giving sex to a man who didn’t want it?” That is very hurtful to a person who is already hurting. Could you just phrase things in a kinder way? You are hurting women further by the way you phrase things..

    Do you see that?

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    L, if you are truly like your picture I can see why you are so miserable,horrid, and petty.

    You are not even funny

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    Wow.. I just restated her words, she said she had sex wth a man who said he didn’t want sex. But now I can see why he didn’t want more.

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    Andrea 2

    I think L is aka Stephen

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    L is just a horrible person.. period…

    I dont ever spend time to read her post… Jump right over

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    Andrea 2

    She did make me laugh once! (Checking the guy’s other baggage..)Trouble is she gets in the way of people trying to send a direct reply.

    V- just ignore him on a personal level and be professional at work.

    His problem if he doesn’t learn from your dignity, your loss if you forget it.

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    L, just to clarify he did want sex, I meant he said he wanted more than that, like a relationship. It was consensual and we are both adults.

    Thank you everyone for your responses!

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    L is witty n intelligent with twisted dark humor. she points out what should be obvious to the poster. But sometimes it may come across as too harsh. :-)

    I think the poster should not have had sex with the office guy so soon. most men say they are not looking only for sex even if they are. cut your losses and move on. just think of it as a one time thing. u had fun. now forget it and him. please don’t confront him. that could get embarrassing.

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    Tammy –

    Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.
    Intelligence is an asset but not a virtue.
    Making fun of people is not about a cleverly twisted humour – just plain nasty.
    The harshness is deliberate.

    L is a bully and this forum is her playground. Like most bullies, I expect she has been bullied herself and/or has other issues that have filled her with venom. She probably needs more help than anyone else here.

    By all means feel sorry for her sad life, but do not excuse her vicious behaviour.

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    @jacquetta I know you mean well. but I don’t think of L as a mean or particularly vicious person. shes just very upfront with her views I feel and her way of expressing is dark humor. I agree many may feel affronted and hurt by the words. but I differ with your opinion. I appreciate her honesty.

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    Oh jaqcetta, why am I not surprised you would try to psychoanalzye me.

    I probably have a better life than you, so no need for your false concerns. It’s amazing how I find time to help save humanity on here with juggling a husband, boyfriend and LDR girlfriend. I could add you to my waiting list if you are trying to get my attention! Or I can send you the stilettos I promised Stephen. Size 12 works? I thought they would make me taller with a larger size, but instead i just keep walking right out of them. Falling out of your shoes isn’t sexy, trust me.

    Saracasm may be a low form of communication in your eyes, Yet comedy, spoof, sarcasm, has been around for centuries. Even Shakespeare used humor. Today it is a multi billion dollar industry.

    But your correct, People wound too tightly tend not to get humor.

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    Anne ohio

    I don’t think you should confront. You were too easy. You set yourself up for this. Quit blaming him.

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    Men are wired to want sex. That is a fact. Any man who says otherwise is telling tall tales.

    I would not confront him since this is something you should already know. If you did not you surely know it now. Lesson learned.

    Do not go out with men you work with…see how complicated it gets?

    The best revenge is to find happiness and put this all in the past….you are wiser now and that is worth something.

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    Ok. I’m the idiot. She went out and had sex with a guy she isn’t too invested in. But just had to post a thread about how obsessed she is with him?

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    Saracasm may be a low form of communication in your eyes, Yet comedy, spoof, sarcasm, has been around for centuries. Even Shakespeare used humor. Today it is a multi billion dollar industry.

    @L, seems the above touched a nerve. I have never seen you answer or post in full sentences before, just your usual not funny bullsh*t lines. I think the poster summed you up correctly. You really do need help the most.

    I picture you living a lonely, sad dismal life.

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    haha.. @Sammy. why don’t you advise the original poster who started this thread instead of trying to help the advisor posters? if they need help am sure they will start their own thread.

    I think @ L rocks… even though I have been at the receiving end of her witty n sarcy but honest one liners. what she says makes sense most times if we care to really look into her messages. she just points out at the ridiculousness of our dilemma..

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    I’m on team L!!

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    OP, it’s not worth it. Just walk away and don’t say anything. Cold shoulder the guy and don’t give him anything else.

    Men love a woman confronting them. They feel good that they got a woman that wound AND they can write you off as “crazy anyway” when they reflect (if) on how they treated you. Silent treatment? They get to wonder what they did for a little while.

    I have a colleague from my profession who did wrong by me. I never confronted him. But I don’t give him the time of day unless it’s professional. It’s fun watching him squirm and try and “make it up to me”. I do have to interact with him but I keep it 100% professional and deflect any attempt of his to bring personal life into the mix.

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