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    @Nathalie, thanks for your advice, this is the first time I encountered a “wooden” person like this man. If I don’t like him then I would never meet up with him, he knows that I have a busy schedule and many guys are interesting in me. There was a time when we went out for dinner, a guy was hitting on me in front of him, but he didn’t do anything. He was just watching on how I would react. After that guy went away, he then told me that because I keep smiling with people, it’s very easy for men to get a wrong impression.

    By the way, we went out for 5 times already and have scheduled another dinner, but we hardly talk between dates because of our crazy schedules and I’m a lazy person when it comes to texting. You could be right, I may have to lead him since he is too shy and nerdy, he may not be able to tell that I like him.

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    He sounds rather like the Japanese Herbivore Men. These are young men who are simply not interested in sex or even dating young women. Perhaps the OP should become a Carnivore Woman and become very forward making overt unmistakable statements of interest.

    Perhaps American and Western women will have to actively pursue men and say things like: “let’s f**k right here right now!!”. Yes ladies you may have to be that bold.

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    They say that the Herbivore movement arose as a reaction to changing economic times in Japan. The Japanese Salary men were expected to live for work and putting in 90-100 hours a week was consider normal in return for life-long employment.
    Today long hours are still expected but gone is the guarantee of life long employment. Clearly these Herbivores saw very little of their fathers growing up and spent a huge amount of time with their mothers,grandmothers,aunts and women teachers. So they saw women up close and didn’t like what they saw. The sayings:’ distance lends enchantment ‘ and ‘you can love women or you can understand them but you can’t do both’.

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    Stephen, you need to take some meds, good luck to you. Mental health is a serious problem in this country, hopefully, you have good health insurance.

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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