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    Hi guys.

    I know its only October now and its ages aways from Christmas but do I need to get anything for my bf’s sisters/family. I’ve been with my bf for about 10 months and became LDR for the past 3 months.

    I’ve met his family twice, once for dinner and family time with friends, and another time when I was over when he was still living with his family. He has two sisters and his younger sister is so lovely and cute, she’s 19.

    This is my First relationship and will be our first Christmas as a couple. We’ll probably not see each other much during Christmas as I’ll be with my family and him with his, but we’ll meet up before then to exchange presents. I don’t know what kind of Christmas we’ll be getting this year with the pandemic but I am looking forwa to it I think.

    I’ve had lots of drama with my family this year in terms of my bf and they aren’t too keen on him but its really not their business who I talk to and see so thats cool. But his family on the other hand is really good too me, made me dinner and always asking how i was doing.

    My love language is definitely gifts, I love seeing people opening presents, make some so happy. therefor ei was just wondering if it would be too much if I were to get my bf’s sisters something small and maybe wine or chocolate/food for his parents.


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    Doesnt it make more sense to ask your bf this question? I think your gifts are nice and not over doing it but you wont see them and their happy faces when they open your gifts. So that makes it all moot doesnt it?

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    Why is your family not ‘keen’ about your BF?

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