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    Hi everyone. I’ll keep it brief. I met a guy while out with girlfriends last Sunday. He was cute and had a decent job and seemed normal enough and witty too. After about 30 mins of chatting we exchanged numbers. We texted a bit later on that night. The next day he texted me and I responded telling him I was in work meetings beginning at 2 and that I had a family thing after work that evening. We last texted around 1 or so. By the time my work meetings wrapped and I took my phone out I had – this is not an exaggeration – 22 unanswered text messages. I did not respond. I went to my family event and at about 8:30 or so I received a text from a texting app saying that he was upset that I just ghosted him and he didn’t know what he did wrong. We last spoke 7 hours prior and I met him the DAY before. I didn’t answer. The next morning I get another text from a different texting app again re: how I ghosted him. I finally responded saying 22 unanswered texts during a work day was off-putting and – best of luck – but don’t contact me again. He’s texted me every day since from a different texting app. Yesterday he even emailed my phone from an email address. So I continue to block but he continues to come at me. I’ve asked him to leave me alone but he refuses.

    I didn’t tell him my last name or address or anything like that but I think I’m probably easy enough to find with the details about my life that I did give him. Is this something you would be concerned about? What should I do?

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    Well, you can report stalkers. Here, in the netherlands, the police will contact him once thell him to stop or there will be consequences. Most of the time thats enough.
    This guy sounds like a regular nutcase all right but you are doing what you can. Should be effective i hope

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    Yea I contemplated contacting authorities but I wasn’t sure if that was overreacting or not. I also think he seems like a nut case.

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    Im not sure if i would but there is nothing wrong with being cautious

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