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    A guy asked for my number and I haven’t heard from him. It’s been 2 days. What are the rules for this between men and women at the start to appear as high value? Should I message or wait?

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    You don’t want to appear high value you want to BE high value.

    You completely leave him alone. Asking for your number is a nice gesture but meaningless until he follows through and contacts you and asks you out.

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    You can, but don’t expect much…

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    DO NOT DO IT! There is actually a three day rule! Not kidding, as they don’t want to appear overly eager, so they wait three days to make contact. If you made a good enough impact he will contact you, if he’s already forgotten who you are, reaching out isn’t going to all of a sudden make him jump to attention.

    Do not take guys seriously when they ask for your number. If I had a $1 for every guy who said he would call, and called, I would be a rich woman haha. If he forgot about you, delete and forget about him.

    If he responds, respond LIGHTLY. Do NOT give him a lot of info. and do not get into a text marathon. If he doesn’t ask to see you within a few exchanges, pull back, and if he asks what’s up, then just say “I don’t care to make new text pals, if you want to ask me out, then ask me out, if not, then I will fade out.” Don’t allow men to be wishy-washy or e-tether (look it up) or you are setting yourself up to be with flakes…drop Mr. Flake :o)

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    What about men who ghost? Or stop replying?

    Just leave it and not double text?

    Omg there’s so many rules ahh

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    Tell me why you would want to reconnect with guys who ghost or stop replying?

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    No there are not a lot of rules. It’s really simple. Let him work to get you and you mirror the effort he puts in. He’s on probation for the first 90 days while you watch and listen to what he does and says. You’re evaluating if he meets your standards. The biggest mistake women make is they get all in way too quickly. Men take 3-4 months sometimes before they decide if they’re in or not.

    If a guy stops replying and disappears early on – good! Then he wasn’t up to scratch and you didn’t waste too much time. You just delete and move along. No big deal.

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    AngieBaby is giving some solid advice. It’s not about ghosting… it’s about whether or not he’s interested. If YOU are interested in HIM and he asked for your number, that’s great! Just let it go from there.

    If he’s a flake, you won’t hear from him again. If he’s a stand up guy, then he’ll contact you and follow up. ****Let him show you who he is. ;) ***

    Hang in there girl, don’t contact him!

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    Definitely do not contact him as others have said. If he’s really interested to see you or contact you he will. If not, well that’s his loss really and continue on with your life.

    There is nothing worse than a girl who chases a guy. In the first few weeks or months let him take the lead and chase YOU if he really wants to spend time with you. Of course if he asks you out and you like him you say yes, but let him initiate it. Don’t bombard him with texts if he disappears. If he’s flaky it shows his level of seriousness.

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