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    Hi everyone

    We are 30 n 31 .
    It’s about 6 weeks that she dumped me by text n an aggressive phone call , changed FB status to single, removed my photos from her instagram page but left 5 of them , Blocked me on WhatsApp, I didn’t go for no contact. She unblocked me n I posted photos of us , we made a van together , we’ve been traveling the country on our van , been pretty happy n everybody was looking at us like amazing couple. We had some other fight by text after that cause I was sending her our photos , also sent some flower seed to her which I’ve found out she is growing them after 4weeks!!! I started no contact now for 2 weeks n She unblocked me on full moon night (5days ago) which is our special night , after broke up she’s working at a cafe n she still have all the photos that I took as her profile pictures everywhere , she was always talking to me about future, getting old n having babies together , but now I’m broken here n missed her, I did not anything wrong except during that 1 hour harsh texting, she also said we had bad sex , after 15 months ! But her orgasm even by oral was always my priority . Maybe she was angry or I suck , no idea !

    She was posting photos of our spots during road trips for a while , but now stopped it ! We have no mutual friend n I have no idea how she is doing , but I know her ex was beating n betraying her for years n I was treating her like a queen, I don’t except this to happen , last time she said She still have problems n error from the past n was not ready for a relationship ! That’s why she was aggressive sometimes , but I accepted her past n errors n always been forgiving her , after she was mad n ask to me for not breaking up with here , n I was like I don’t event think about it babe ,

    How can I win her back ?! Why she block / unblock me ?! Specially on full moon ?! Why did she plants that seeds ?! HELP me , she’s crazy but the one

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    I’m confused. Why did you split up? Where were you both when this happened? Not in the van if you were texting?

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    NO we were back to city for break between two trips , also her brothers birthday

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    So why did you break up?

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    No idea, over a fight on text. Read me again please

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    I did! Still not clear. So you had a fight over text it she just ended it with no warning?

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    Yes, lately I was a little down too, but we were tripping n I did everything to make her happy .
    As I said after breaking she said she still have some issues from the past , true or not , but she had a bad relationship before me .

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    OK I see you are thirties.

    Do you two fight all the time or just once in a while? What do you mean by harsh texting?

    This woman may not know what she wants. After fifteen months have you proposed marriage? If not why not?

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    Once in a while , didn’t propose but I was thinking about it , she’s studying in university n I was afraid .

    N by harsh texting I mean saying non-sense bad thing to each other over text , like she said your sex is bad n I said you are a bitch :(

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