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    An ex had contacted me after a few months of no contact. He profusely apologized about the fights we had and our break up. He seemed so genuine and sincere. We had a few really nice conversations and then he began drifting away again. He’d let hours go by without responding and acted as though he didn’t see my messages earlier. I don’t know if he was just trying to play it cool and not seem so eager, if he was busy or just not really that interested. Then he began reminiscing about our sexual encounters. Over the next couple of days he began sexting me constantly. He’d describe what he wants to do to me in detail. I became offended and blocked him everywhere. It seemed that I had just became an object of his sexual desire and nothing more. My friend said I was too sensitive and should have been flattered but I feel that he should have gone slower and built the intimacy back up before the inappropriate sexts. For a couple of days,the only conversations we had, revolved around his fantasies and wanting to sleep with me again.

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    Liz Lemon

    I think you did the right thing. If he offended you and only wanted to sext, you have every right to block him. You’re not being too sensitive. You aren’t obligated to humor him just because he’s your ex. The fact that you had a few nice conversations at the beginning is meaningless, he was just testing the waters to see if you’d reply to him before he started the sexting.

    It sounds like he wanted to try to reel you in for a sexting & possibly FWB type of thing…maybe he misses the sex you two had. I don’t think he wanted to rekindle the relationship.

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    It would have been nice if he wanted to rekindle things and have a meaningful relationship, but I think he just wants to get laid. The relationship would be just as dysfunctional as before. Thank God I’m wiser and have learned from past mistakes. If someone really wants you, I don’t think you’d have to question everything or analyze the meaning behind every conversation. I knew what my gut had told me but then started questioning myself when my roommate said I was too sensitive and should have been flattered that he was thinking of me.

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    it comes across as if he was at a loose end and feeling frisky. gud you blocked him.

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