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    I’m dating a new guy and really like him. We’ve been together about 5 mos and things are going well however I’ve started to feel a little insecure in the bedroom. Before we started dating, he was with with women with big butts. All of his favorite positions are from behind. I have a smaller butt and I can’t help but feel insecure about its size. I mentioned he was the best I’ve ever said and he just stayed quiet. He also said one time that he guaranteed I would like a big butt. Why is he with me if I have a small one?

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    Can anyone help????

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    Most likely he likes having sex with you. Do you like having sex with him? If you do ask him if he wants you to make your butt bigger, or if he wants to come over to your house and spend the night for a few days.

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    What’s th point of asking him to spend the night for a few days?? Thanks!!!

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    The point is to see if he wants to be with you or just have sex.

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    ‘Fishing’ for compliments usually back fires…

    Please appreciate your body!

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    you sound very young. You are who you are and there is nothing more you can do about that. People will either accept you as is, try to change you or make you feel badly about what you dont have.

    You need to choose people who will accept you as you are. You also seem to making assumptions that may not be true. This man has been with you for 5 months so he must like you. If it was a deal breaker he wouldn’t be with you. I think your making a bigger few out of it than he is. That being said if he begins to tell you what’s wrong with you and how he prefers another body type them that’s your queue to head for the door.

    Do not compare yourself to others. Who cares if he likes big butts… there is someone out there who thinks you butt is perfect so don’t you dare let one man’s opinion make you feel bad about who you are. I said you must be young be issue this takes a long time to learn.

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    Who are you talking about?

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    Better off Single

    So what he likes big butts? he likes you more than liking big butts because you say you don’t have one. That should say something.

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    Prissy Illa

    I’m insecure about my body, so, I don’t have sex.

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