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    Guy i was seeing and sexually invloved in last year suddenly popped back up and texted me hey.

    I stopped seeing him when our last night together he dropped me off at a taxi stand like some prostitute for me to grab a cab to go home in. I felt so degrading I never spoke to him again ever since. And all my feelings vanished. That was the 30th of December last year.

    So I’m not going to respond to his text and I don’t even want to know the reason he texted. Probably thinks he can get easy sex. I just need y’all to confirm to me that this is exactly what it means when they suddenly reappear with a hey text like everything is fine.

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    Thank you. I feel so damn powerful to be smarter about this.

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    does he know why you stopped talking to him? Maybe he was raised with poor role models, doesn’t realize his actions were so douchey and you should tell him so he actually learns that it’s not ok to do that. I’m not defending him… you are doing the right thing but some guys are just plain stupid.

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    I have had a couple of those “hey” guys – no contact for a while, and pop back up with a “hey”…Every single one of them turns out to be just wanting a FWB…..

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    T from NY

    Agree with lala. Was that the ONLY thing he did? Or were there other actions that made you feel he was disrespectful and only wanted sex?

    Also — so did he try to contact you after that incident and you just ignored him? Because of course if you just vanished without a trace (like your feelings) he’s probably not gonna send anything more than a “Hey’ because you’ve blown him off. So details matter.

    If he did other things or never tried to contact you either after the bus stop incident — then it’s a full stop — ignore him. But if he really didn’t do more than that and had tried to reach out — just communicate you felt disrespected when he dropped you at the taxi station. (Use the word disrespected. Men respond to that a lot better than sad or feelings hurt etc) It never hurts to be an assertive, confident woman.

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    Hay/hey is for horses and I don’t respond to anyone who sends me just that one word as I am not a horse. :)

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    Love the comment about the horses.

    You asked for a confirmation, I am with you. I’d feel the same way you did.

    A month goes by and he couldn’t come up with anything better than just “hey”? You two are of different crowds. There is no need to explain or preach. You won’t teach him manners or respect and politeness if his mom hasn’t.

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    I met someone last week. just a regular first time date. I also met him bec he pushed so much. through out the evening he kept talking about what a gentleman he is. and that certain things a man must do for a lady. I went out of my way to meet him. at the end of the night, I just had a couple of pints of beer. not some expensive cocktail. and just ordered one dish which we both shared. despite me saying I could eat something else, he dint order anything. at the end of the evening, I offered to go dutch. he actually said I could certainly do with some cash. his words put me off. firstly I met him bec he kept asking me out for a date. secondly I travelled a fair bit for the meeting. thirdly he was such a cheap date. fourthly he kept telling me what a gentleman must do and not. fifthly his comment of having cash was so cheap I felt q put off.

    but that’s not the end. we wound up at 1 am! he then asks me how do I plan to go back. couldn’t even care less and take charge and see that the lady reaches home safe and sound. since it was sooo late. I just walked away and blocked him.

    you should do the same. next please.

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    “…kept talking about what a gentleman he is” He must be a NiceGuy™.

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    I also forgot to mention to that tall list. he had bad as I said next please.

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    Was he wearing a fedora?

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    Tammy – don’t travel a long way for a first date and don’t meet late at night! Not safe.

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    o I wont next time for sure.

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