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    so theres this guy who got interested in me. he texted me in a way which indicated that hes interested, and invited me to his place for 4 weekends in a row. we live like 400 km apart. he seemed a little shy to get close to me in the beginning. afterwards he was very sweet and cuddly. but didnt really seem to wanna have sex w me (we had once on the first weekend, but not after that). last weekend that i was there, i was quite all over him, but he didnt have protection so we didnt get to it. even though shop is like 5 minute walk from his house…
    also we went to a party as separate groups, but i was quite drunk, so i ended up dancing alone for the most time and chatting to some random friendly guys. he was hanging with his friends and he didnt really come to me much. we left the party together and everything seemed good.

    when i left his place a couple days later, we hugged and kissed. and he said that lets make plans for the next time.
    2 weeks have passed and we havent seen each other since.
    he instantly seemed much more distant after i left, and answers my messages with a 10 hr delay or so… but when he does, he tells me that he “misses me a little bit” or that he would love to visit but hes broke.
    he had a breakup like 4 months ago. and now hes stressed because he didnt get the job he wanted.
    did he loose interest?
    is there any chance that hes still interested?
    but maybe he is just so stressed out right now?
    im confused and sad, i really like him and i think we had a great time together :(
    what should I do?

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    No hun, he’s only interested in one thing and only on his time.

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    What exactly do you want from this guy?

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    1. This guy’s life is a mess right now and so it’s hard for him to focus on romance
    2. He’s probably not all the way over his ex yet, and you may have been a rebound fling (sorry!)
    3. He knows he gave you the impression he was interested, so now he’s doing what he thinks will let you down the easiest (the slow fade, even though it really only causes more hurt and confusion)
    4. Gather your dignity and move on immediately, making sure you learn a few lessons from this experience

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    Have you seen a construction site where there’s danger signs saying “don’t proceed?” Think of guys like this as one of those sites, especially if they just got out of a relationship and didn’t get the job they want…a double whammy!

    He’s not in a position to court a lady the way she needs to be courting! I would pass him by and not give him the time of day. Need to learn how to weed out men better or you’re going to waste time on “time wasters’ or ‘time keepers’ which is the group he falls into.

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    That’s a 4+ hour drive!!

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    You already know the answer. HE IS NOT INTERESTED. He cant even buy condoms from the store thats 5 mins away to get on with you? Why are you still thinking about him?

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    I just wanna be single

    It’s funny the one ones we want the most are the ones we can’t keep.

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    I doubt he was really interested even initially in you. Forget interest he is not even interested sexually. what are you hanging around for? nothing here.

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