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    Hi so I need more perspective on whether or not I should let this go, or if its something i should be concerned about.

    last week I found intimate photos on my boyfriends iPad of his ex from years ago. I brought it up to my boyfriend and he said they were old and just photos and he deleted them. Fast forward to today i sent him photo that were intimate and he didn’t save them like he did with her saying he was around people. so i asked him if he would have and he avoided the question and said that if i screenshot your photos or not it dosent change anything. mind you he never saves my photos, should this be a concern or am I just overthinking things

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    Can you even speak English?

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    You have a brain the size of a pea. There are wars and people starving and this is where your brain is?

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    Forget I said anything… the people here are so rude. im just going to talk to my bf about it. seriously never using the site again

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    Better off single

    Sarah not yryinh to be crassbut im drunk so please excuse if i come off that way

    Why can’t you just be grateful he deleted the pictures and focusing on you?

    Why is a selfie together important?

    Tobragg to your fb friends about what a great boyfriend he is and piss off your girlfriends because ypur boyfriend is better than theirs?

    Im tures ofcompeteing and comparing. Why nit jyst be happy and not worryabout dugital crap?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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